Celebrating Mother's Day and Walking the Walk

A huge THANK YOU this Mother’s Day to all the Mums Walking the Walk with us and uniting against breast and other cancers...

We wanted to celebrate Mother's Day with you all by sharing some fabulous quotes from our Walk the Walkers, grab a cuppa and enjoy. 

“Mother’s Day is a wonderful day for all mums but it’s not just one day out of 365, it's every day. Let’s also remember those mums who live in distant lands and who are no longer here – if only heaven was on FaceTime/Skype.” – Muvver

"Walking through the night with your daughters is a fantastic feeling. Being so supportive of each other, sharing the highs and lows of the night and strengthening the mother/daughter bond.""I started Moonwalking because I wanted to do something with my daughters, they were growing up fast and we didn't do so many things together. We now all have a love of spangly bras and wonderful memories of shared experiences.""I love walking with my WTW friends but walking with your daughters is a different experience and one not to be missed" - Elizabeth

“Mum first did The MoonWalk back in 2002, with a friend of hers who had been treated for breast cancer. Ten years later, in 2012, Mum, Natalie and I did The MoonWalk London as a team!” They are planning on having a Mother’s Day training walk as Bethany said “We’re all going to be together anyway so there’s no excuse not to! We will treat ourselves to lunch afterwards.” – Bethany

“When our mum was first diagnosed with breast cancer she was successfully treated, but then sadly just two years later the breast cancer returned. It was only about four months after her secondary diagnosis that mum passed away. I was 11, and my sister was 10. I don’t really remember that much about mum’s cancer – my sister and I were pretty young. However, I do remember how positive mum was throughout everything. She was always thinking of others and wanting to help people. She had such a bubbly personality.
We’ve always known about The MoonWalk as mum took part in 2008, not long after her initial diagnosis.
Five of us did The MoonWalk together for the first time in 2017 and 2018 and 2019, in mum’s memory, under the name ‘Theresa’s Treasures’. That was the name mum’s team used when they took part in the event. The MoonWalk is such a fun night, and the volunteers really spur you on as you make your way around the route." - Daniel and Aimee


“Myself, and my daughter Laura, have been doing the full MoonWalk for the last ten years, this being our eleventh one… Part of the experience and fun each year is deciding how to decorate our bras, and we now have quite a collection! After the first MoonWalk, Laura and I got addicted and really enjoyed the whole experience each year, and could not imagine not doing it, as it is also a great way of keeping fit!” – Julia 

"We had an amazing night! Phoebe and her cousins loved every minute of it and were asking to do it next year as soon as they crossed the finish line! They absolutely loved feeling like VIPs too” - Debs

Why not get your whole clan on board to share some special family time and unite with us against breast and other cancers! Check out The Virtual MoonWalk London and more!

Happy Walking!



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