Celebrating Mother's Day

A huge THANK YOU this Mother’s Day to all the Mums Walking the Walk with us in 2019 and uniting with us against breast cancer...

We wanted to celebrate Mother's Day with you all by sharing some fabulous quotes from our Walk the Walkers, grab a cuppa and enjoy. 

“Mother’s Day is a wonderful day for all mums but it’s not just one day out of 365, it's every day. Let’s also remember those mums who live in distant lands and who are no longer here – if only heaven was on FaceTime/Skype.” – Muvver

Cornish composer and MoonWalker Annabel creates a beautiful piece of music with all profits from the track going to Walk the Walk after her mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. Read more and listen to a short burst of this stunning track by clicking here

“When Mum told me she had breast cancer, I was devastated. After letting it sink in for a while I thought I have been, in many ways, very lucky that I’m able to retreat to my piano in the good times and the bad. Shortly after the news, I sat down at the piano and what started off to be a bad day led into good moments of reflection and inspiration. I hope the music written for Mum can help many others. I’m looking forward to taking part in The MoonWalk for my mum. Walk The Walk is such a great charity and one very close to our hearts.” - Annabel 

“I’m taking on the Full Moon Challenge (26.2 miles) at The MoonWalk London this year with my Mum Emma and older sister Natalie. Mum first did The MoonWalk back in 2002, with a friend of hers who had been treated for breast cancer. Ten years later, in 2012, Mum, Natalie and I did The MoonWalk London as a team!” They are planning on having a Mother’s Day training walk as Bethany said “We’re all going to be together anyway so there’s no excuse not to! We will treat ourselves to lunch afterwards.” – Bethany

“Myself, and my daughter Laura, have been doing the full MoonWalk for the last ten years, this being our eleventh one… Part of the experience and fun each year is deciding how to decorate our bras, and we now have quite a collection! After the first MoonWalk, Laura and I got addicted and really enjoyed the whole experience each year, and could not imagine not doing it, as it is also a great way of keeping fit!” – Julia 

“My niece and 2 daughters, then ages 12, 10 and 6 all said they wanted to do it when they were old enough so in the years that followed as each of them turned 13 I came back to do The MoonWalk Scotland Half Moon, that was 2011, 2014 and 2017. The Three Land Challenge will be my 8th, 9th and 10th MoonWalks but what I’m most proud of is the fact that I made my niece and daughters want to take part in this at 13 and for the youngest not to stop, she will stand at London for her 3rd moonwalk aged 14 and in Edinburgh for her 4th one week after her 15th birthday.” – Sandie

Why not get your whole clan on board to share some special family time and unite with us against breast cancer as a Walker or Volunteer! With our Half Moon at The MoonWalk London for over 13’s, and our special New Moon at The MoonWalk Scotland for over 10’s... it’s great to Walk the Walk as a family.

Happy Walking!



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