Callum follows in his mum’s footsteps by taking on The MoonWalk Scotland

I’ve always wanted to take part in The MoonWalk myself and now I am


“My mum Sharon has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice, and has taken part in The MoonWalk Scotland previously. Now I want to follow in her footsteps and will be taking on the Half Moon (13.1 miles) at this year’s MoonWalk in September.

I’m still only 24 years old, but I was very young – only about five – when Mum was first diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time, I think my parents shielded me quite a bit from what was happening and I can’t really remember too much. After her treatment finished, Mum was fine for around five years, before she was diagnosed with breast cancer again. She had more treatment, but that was quite a while ago and she’s absolutely fine and healthy now, which is great!

We’ve had a lot cancer in the family since then – about eight or nine other relatives have been diagnosed, including aunties, uncles and my grandad. Not all of them have survived sadly – the cancer seems to be coming down Mum’s side of the family. At some point, I know I should get tested to see if I carry a faulty gene, which means that I would be more likely to develop cancer myself. It’s a difficult decision to get tested – because if you get diagnosed, there could potentially be some more difficult decisions to make. However, personally, I’d rather know what the situation is, so that I can be prepared.

Callum’s mum Sharon (second from left) at The MoonWalk Scotland 2007

After she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, Mum signed up for the Full Moon (26.2 miles) at The MoonWalk Scotland, along with my grannies and my aunt. I was still very young, but I can clearly remember my dad saying “Your mum and grannies are going away to do a big walk”! I thought that was a really cool thing to do! We went along to meet them all at the finish line the next day, which was lots of fun. Mum completed The MoonWalk another three times after that first challenge! Since then, I’ve always wanted to take part in The MoonWalk myself and now I am. I’m looking forward to experiencing such an amazing event and know it’ll be so worthwhile. My mum is really chuffed that I’ve signed up.

Although I keep myself relatively fit by playing football a few times a week, Mum and Dad have told me that I definitely need to kick on with my training. I know that I need to take it seriously, especially as we’ll be walking overnight, which is an extra challenge.

I’m planning to wear a decorated bra and really embrace the occasion. For years, I’ve wanted to give something back for the help so many of my family have received while they were fighting cancer, and now I can.”

Callum, with his mum Sharon


“I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 - I had chemo and radiotherapy that time. I was diagnosed with breast cancer again seven years later when Callum was twelve. I had a fancy dress party to celebrate the all-clear after five years and then two years later it came back! This time I had radiotherapy and was on Tamoxifen for a wee while, not very long though. I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction, as I was told it would work out better for me if I did.

We were always open with both the boys because I didn’t want them to think the cancer was this big, scary thing which nobody spoke about. They knew I was going in and out of hospital and why - we would make jokes about it and just tried to maintain some sort of sense of reality. I’m absolutely fine now, although it wasn’t all smooth going. I’ve had problems with the implants having to be replaced, but I’m good now.

Callum is a lovely lad, very kind hearted and giving. I’m very proud of him and am delighted to be taking on the Half Moon with him this year”

Thank you so much for your support Callum and Sharon!  There’s still time to sign up for The MoonWalk Scotland 2023 – entries close at midday on Tuesday 29th August.



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