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Calling all London MoonWalkers!

Happy New Year to you… 2017 is going to be YOUR year… and it's our 20th MoonWalk in our Capital City… Get ready for the Roaring Twenties!

Happy New Year to you!

2017 is going to be YOUR year, not only have you signed up for one of our Capital City's most iconic events, but it is also our 20th MoonWalk London, so lots of fundraising we hope… and lots of Roaring twenties fun, guaranteed to carry you through a very exciting night! 

Start Walking!

So here we are at the start of the year, Walker Packs with your Training Plan will be with you in February so that you have time to start preparing before the official starting date of February 19th. If you just can't wait… all you need to do is read on… check you have the right kit for this time of year, a good pair of shoes and socks that will see you through to the Finish Line, a 3 mile route and you can open your door and go! Don't forget that you can always find someone to walk with in your area by joining our walking partners.

Training Plan

In advance of your Training Plan which begins on February 19th find out more.  

Training Shoes 

Need new shoes? Find out more before you go shop. Really important for winter walking is to choose Gortex or some similar waterproof material... wet feet is the beginning of the end, you will feel chilled and it can cause blisters, so get prepared! Read more

There is no such thing as bad weather… just the wrong clothes!

When it is cold, wet and wintry, it can also feel exhilarating to go walking. The important thing is making sure your clothing is protective and comfortable. By wearing one layer, such as a technical T-shirt, with a lightweight windproof and waterproof jacket on top, it will allow you easy movement whilst keeping you dry as you will quickly build up heat. Ideally, your jacket should also have a hood with a peak to help keep the elements off your face. In very cold weather, add a Beanie or pull on hat under the hood for extra warmth. Gloves are a must, also a buff or neck band to stop water slipping under your collar!

If you are looking to buy a jacket or any other walking kit, then check out our online shop where we have everything you need.

Could you be a record breaker?

Last year our fantastic MoonWalkers raised over £6 million… pretty wonderful for one night's work! Can we beat it… YES we can! If you are not sure how to get started, we have a fantastic Fundraising Team who are always on hand to give inspirational ideas and any help or advice you might need… we also have a lots of ideas on our website, so take a look here. Start now and help us to break all records!

We need your help! 

If you have family, neighbours, work colleagues, friends and friends of friends that might like to come and support you, then send them this link. The MoonWalk London depends on a very special Team of over 2,000 Volunteers to help everybody reach the Finish Line… there are many different tasks to choose from. You can Volunteer for just a few hours, see all the action and stay the night or bring in fresh energy in the early hours of Sunday morning… We would love to hear from anybody that can help!


We have lots more information on our website if you have any questions, queries or need help and advice or just want a chat… Call the Walk the Walk Team on 01483 741 430 and we will be happy to help you!

I just want to thank you so much for joining the Team and uniting with us against breast cancer. Walk the Walk grants have made an enormous impact on research and support for those with cancer over the past 20 years, and now our sights are firmly fixed on being able to help those with secondaries, to make changes that can give choices! Every step you take is going to make a difference! 

Don't walk too fast too soon… it will only give you aches, pains and even the dreaded shin splints! If you need us, you know where we are and I will look forward to catching up with you in February… a time to really love those feet! 

With good wishes, good health and great walking!

Nina Barough CBE
Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk Worldwide



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