Breast cancer charity Jolly July Fundraising ideas

Make the most of the long summer evenings by using that ‘extra’ time to fundraise for that next challenge!

Use the warmer weather and the opening up of ‘Lockdown’ to give that fundraising a boost! As we cautiously emerge from hibernation, people will be keen to see a return of traditional summer activities, so use this to your advantage and check out our jolly ideas!

Who doesn’t love a Barbeque?

This is a great way to see friends and family, while still keeping safe. Grab some bangers and burgers, or make delicious veggie kebabs, knock up a couple of salads and you’re set to go! Ask for donations for your scrummy food and watch that fundraising mount up as you have fun in the sun! Everyone loves a BBQ, especially if they don’t have to do the washing up!

Olympics Sweepstake!

Yes, the Olympics will soon be with us, so take advantage of this by picking an event or 2 where there’s a strong British entry such as the women’s 100metres. Pre-sell your tickets from the quarter-final stage meaning that you can have 32 tickets, or from the heat stage if you have 64 potential customers, bearing in mind that some people might want more than 1! We recommend a ticket price of £5, but it’s really up to you what you charge and decide how much the prize will be - £50? £80? The rest of the money is your fundraising! Then allocate each contestant randomly to your ticketholders! Come on Britain!

Holiday gardening

As people are desperate to get away on their hols, you can grab a ‘holiday job’ looking after their precious lawns and blooms. So grab your watering can, your mower and your secateurs as you water, mow and deadhead their prize blooms and lush lawns for donations to your fundraising! Maybe they’ll even give you a clipping or 2 for your own garden as well!

Jolly Lollies and scrumptious ice-creams!

Get creative and make Ice Lollies at home with summer fruits, berries and cordials. A great way to keep the children entertained! Or, you can really push the boat out and make ice-cream sundaes and cornets too! Then you can either set up a stall in your front garden and sell your creations to neighbours and passers-by, or invite people around for a sociable afternoon! What a way to keep cool when the temperature rises! To get you started, check out these recipes here.

Pop up Fete

With many fetes cancelled due to the uncertainty of booking ahead, organise a ‘mini fete’ in yours or a friend’s garden if they are big enough. Invite local traders to have a stall for a fee (many of them will have been starved of places to have a stall) and get your friends to man others. Suggestions are pre-loved clothes and accessories, bric-a-brac, homemade goodies, ice-creams and lollies (see above) for example, plus have some games that you can easily make and are lots of fun such as Splat the Rat, Lucky Squares, Name the Teddy etc. Serve refreshments of course, and promote your pop up fete on your local community website and Facebook page.

Car Boot or Garage Sale

During Lockdown, we’ve all had a bit of a clear out, so now get rid of that clutter! Your trash could be someone else’s treasure! Many car boot sales are now making a welcome comeback, so get yourself booked in! Make sure customers know you are raising money for charity... you can hire a handy Walk the Walk banner here... and watch your once-loved items turn to cash!

If you have a fundraising event or activity planned, take a look at our extra bits and pieces to help you... if we can help in any way, please do get in touch.

Raise money, Raise awareness, Get fit and Have the best fun Walking the Walk!


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