Beat your Best Challenge Fundraising Ideas

There are 3 really easy steps that you can take to make the most of your Fundraising page, plus some fun Christmas tips...

  1. Upload a photo of you! Not your cat, your NHS rainbow or the medal you got at your last challenge… your supporters need to see it’s YOU!
  2. Tell them your story… why you are taking part? Memory of a loved one? You want to make a difference to those living with cancer, this is part of your training for a bigger challenge that is coming in 2021? Or you just want to get rid of that COVID belly?
  3. SHARE IT! The more times your share the page, the more donations you will get. ‘No!’ I hear you cry, ‘I can’t keep asking for money!’… but there’s no need to keep asking… update your page with news, photos and updates…. new trainers – snap and upload; lovely scenery on your walk, snap and upload; got caught in the rain, snap and upload your supporters will love being kept in touch…might even get them joining you!

Fun Christmas ideas...

  • Christmas Pressies! - If you are lucky enough to have lots of friends and family buying you pressies for Christmas, why not ask for a donation instead? You get what you want, and they don’t have to browse the internet for hours… it’s a win win situation!
  • E-Christmas Cards - Why not send your family and friends an E-Christmas card this year? This will save you money on cards and the postage, you can then make a donation onto your fundraising page with the savings you’ve made!
  • Christmas Dares!! - Sounds exciting… offer to do Christmas dares in exchange for a £10 donation to your fundraising page! Who can come up with the most bizarre idea… steady now… here’s a couple to get you started
    • Sing the 12 days of Christmas with all the actions on a Zoom call (please send it to us too!)
    • Do your supermarket shop dressed as the fairy on the top of the tree… this deserves the supermarket giving you something… we think anyway!
    • Dress as Santa for all your work meetings for one day on zoom or socially distanced!

Have fun and let us know yours!



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