August Fundraising Ideas

The Glory Days of Summer! Let’s use these lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer to plan a few outdoor events and fundraise for breast cancer charity Walk the Walk!

August is fast approaching and many of us are thinking of our holidays!  So whether you are heading overseas or having a staycation in the beautiful British Isles this year, use the warmer weather and long days to your advantage by holding fundraising events in the great outdoors!

Commonwealth games

There’s lots of things you can do to fundraise around the Commonwealth Games! Here are a couple to inspire you and get those creative juices going!

  1. Sweepstake– select an event with a well-known British athlete, such as the women’s 100 metres, sell ‘a place’ to your friends and family for a fiver and randomly allocate every participant. Draw up a chart and watch the fun! The winner gets a share of the ‘pot,’ or maybe a lovely prize donated by a local business near you! I know who I want!
  2. Organise your own ‘Home Games’ in the garden! Choose a number of events to have, either based on the ones taking place in Birmingham, or your very own specialisms!  (think sack race, tossing the water balloon, welly wanging, egg throwing, fastest scone scoffing; the choice is yours!) Then invite your friends and families round,

Garden Party

People are really keen to get out and meet people at the moment so have a garden party and provide dainty sandwiches and cakes, or specialise in ice cream sundaes and lollies, homemade lemonade and smoothies, or Prosecco and, well, Prosecco! Or go the whole hog and have a Barbie! Check out these recipes here. You know the drill; invite round your friends, family (and neighbours) and charge a donation!  Make the most of things by having a little raffle or tombola stall as well.

Seaside Stunners!

If you go away with other families, have a pop up competition on the beach to build on your fundraising. You could have several ‘games’ from beach volleyball to a sandcastle competition, beach cricket to ‘collect the most shells,’ water Frisbee to stone skimming! The choice is yours! You could even have ‘best Baywatch run!’ :-)

Scavenger Hunt

This is always great fun for all the family! Choose either a walking route, or an area in your locality marked on a map, or let people choose their own routes and areas. Ask people to collect or photograph a dozen or so things, and the first back wins a prize! Choose from a variety of items such as a feather, something beginning with b, a sweet wrapper, or something blue – let your imagination run wild! And everyone pays to enter!

Watering Gardens

An old favourite, but if your neighbours are going away, they don’t want their garden left gasping! Keep their prized flowers blooming by watering them daily for a donation to your fundraising page. Top it up by mowing the lawn and dead heading the roses!

Putting on a Play

Calling all you am drammers! With theatres now opening up, am-dram groups the length and breadth of the country are deciding what plays to stage now that they are able to tread the boards again. Previous MoonWalker Gail Young had such a fantastic and funny time that she wrote a play about her experience called Cheshire Cats. It follows a group of MoonWalkers as they train for and take part in the iconic MoonWalk. It will wring your heartstrings and make you laugh out loud! Use the performances to make collections for Walk the Walk and find out more here.

If you have a fundraising event or activity planned, take a look at our extra bits and pieces to help you... if we can help in any way, please do get in touch.

Raise money, Raise awareness, Get fit and Have the best fun Walking the Walk!


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