August 2023 Fundraising Ideas

Incorporate international events into your fundraising this August!

From ‘International Bat Night’ to the FIFA Women’s World Cup, there are plenty of interesting events taking place this month to combine with your fundraising. Have a read through some of our ideas below to get your fundraising off the touchline and heading for the back of the net! 

August is National Sandwich Month! 

The first person to think about putting meat between slices of bread was John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich back in the 1700s. What we now think of as the sandwich came about as the result of the Earl asking his valet to create a light supper for him, while he continued playing cards. 

As the snack did not involve the use of cutlery, the game would be undisturbed while the players ate. Since that time the options around what to put in our sandwiches have grown to a point where anything goes. 

In honour of ‘National Sandwich Month’, why not host a fundraising competition comparing some new and exotic sandwich fillings? Charge a small fee for entry, provide a few refreshments to go alongside them and in turn, boost your fundraising.  You can then even sell the sarnies once a winner has been announced! 

What to watch this August… 

August boasts some of 2023s largest spectator events in both music and sport, creating the perfect opportunity to get together and watch the festivities unfold. Whether it’s supporting our Lionesses or taking in the highlights of the Edinburgh Music Festival, either is a wonderful excuse to invite round a few pals, serve up some bubbles or a MoonWalk Cocktail (click here for the recipe), and charge a donation fee to incorporate that all important fundraising aspect.  

If you’re keen to take your event one step further, you can also consider organising a raffle, hosting some games, or putting together a stall. For some extra inspiration keep on reading...

International Bat Night! 

Looking to incorporate both nature and exercise into your August fundraising? ‘International Bat Night’ on the 26th and 27th August is the ideal solution. You and some friends could head to a local park where you have a good chance of seeing some bats without leaving the path; time your visit for sunset or sunrise and on a warm dry day your chances of spotting one is greatly increased. Alternatively, if you have a garden you might choose to watch the bats from the comfort of your home while hosting a group of friends.  

If you are following one of our training plans and need to fit in a long walk over this weekend, try to see if you can spot the 10 varieties native to Scotland, or 18 varieties within the rest of the country!  

Calling all Am-Drammers! 

A fantastic way of showing some support this month could be through the theatre!  

Gail Young, a former MoonWalker, has written the play Cheshire Cats, which follows a group of walkers as they prepare for, and take part in, the MoonWalk. This hilarious and very moving story has some great parts for women and is sure to provide you with a thoroughly entertaining evening.  

Find out more by clicking here and raise money by having a retiring collection. 

Back to School and term time activities... 

As Scotland’s schools head back this month, Girl Guides, Scouts, and other groups will also be starting up again. Incorporate these groups in helping you to reach your fundraising target with ideas such as putting on a bake sale or organising a ‘dress in pink day’. Our Walk the Walk bracelets sold at 50p can even be resold on for a pound or more.   

If your child is taking part in a MoonWalk, a Duke of Edinburgh challenge or wanting to earn badges, try to get them involved in fundraising too! Do remember to check with a teacher or relevant organiser though before arranging anything. 

If you’re looking to order some of our fabulous bracelets, you can do so by clicking here. 

Extra activities mean extra fundraising! 

Make the most of any fun event you are organising by adding a few ‘extras’ to the mix! 

Don’t rely on ticket sales alone. Always try to have a raffle – a sure fire winner to raising a few extra pounds – and consider throwing a few other games or stalls into the mix to part your guests from their money! 

From a simple ‘guess the number of sweets in the jar’ to a fully-fledged tombola, ‘guess the weight of the cake,’ name the teddy, quiz sheets, or a stall selling once loved treasures, having a few extras can make a huge difference to the amount of money you can raise.   

Check out our ‘fundraising extras’ blog to inspire yourself!

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