An important research breakthrough made possible by you

Breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Now has funded important research through a grant from Walk the Walk with money raised from charity marathon

Exciting news! Research funded by Walk the Walk and our wonderful walkers has made an important breakthrough! 

Scientists at King’s College London have developed a new test, which could mean many women with breast cancer which has spread to their lymph nodes, avoid having to go through chemotherapy. 

Researchers have developed a new computer test which they use when analysing lymph nodes and tumours removed during surgery. 

The test singles out the quarter of breast cancer patients with cancer cells in their lymph nodes who won’t see it spread to their organs in the next decade. Larger research studies are still needed, but the new test could mean these patients are spared chemotherapy. 

Our friends at the charity Breast Cancer Now funded this important research through a grant from Walk the Walk. The Chief Executive of Breast Cancer Now, Baroness Delyth Morgan, is delighted with this latest development. She said:

“That analysing the architecture of lymph nodes could help predict whose breast cancer is likely to spread and ultimately help guide treatment is a highly exciting prospect”. 

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