A Poem from MoonWalk London

"Everyone here is unique, but the route we takes the same, getting through the dark hours, finishing is the aim."

MoonWalker, Mary, shares her inspiring words after completing The MoonWalk London 2018...  

Walking in aid of Breast Cancerfeeling nervous on the day,walking in my bra through the night.The Walk the Walk way!

Meeting up with my friendswaiting for the train,getting all excitedfeeling anxious about the rain.

Arriving at Moonwalk Citythere’s a special treat in store,some very special hugsfrom 2 people I adore.

I meet a special lady her name’s the same as me,14 Moonwalk’s laterhow amazing is she!

Silently we hold handsthinking sadly why we’re here,the reasons thousands do thisand come back every year.

Great entertainment western style Roy Gayle is getting us ready,he’s wearing his Budgies bramade by very talented Debbie.

Green bands are calledwe walk to the start,there’s a sea of pink hatsall waiting to depart.

Feeling cold around my waist but grateful the rain has stayed at bay,with London views glowing pink helping to keep the tiredness away.

All the way at every cornerare the lovely volunteers,ensuring that everyone keeps safewith lots of smiles and cheers.

I feel a blister coming onmy legs are aching too,I’ve just past the 13 mile sign and there’s 13 more to do!

Everyone here is unique but the route we takes the same,getting through the dark hoursfinishing is the aim.

Suddenly the light takes over my body doesn’t want to fight,I realise it’s all worth itthe finish is in sight.

I hear cheers and clappingI see faces with warm smiles,the training has paid offand I’ve walked 26.2 miles.

Tears are flowing down my cheeks my medals on my chest,I’ve walked all night in my braand I’m going home to rest!

Doesn’t matter how you did itdoesn’t matter what the pace,we did it for a reasonKICKING cancer in the face. 

A huge THANK YOU to Mary for sharing her kind words and reminding us all why we Walk the Walk! 

If you're feel inspired by Mary's words, why not join us in 2019!



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