A MoonWalkers Lament

We just had to share this wonderful poem we received, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

"On Saturday 14th May, when the clock strikes midnight, my Mum and her three good friends, known as the Waingroves Walkers, will be joining thousands of others to take part in The Moonwalk London." 

One of the ladies from the Waingroves Walkers, Margaret Bailey has written an amazing poem regarding her anticipation of participating in the MoonWalk and I wanted to share it with you..." Jess

A MoonWalkers Lament

I wish I’d looked after my feet

They used to look normal and neat

But now they’re all twisted with bunions and blisters

Oh I should have looked after my feet


In my youth shoes were my passion

And I wanted to follow the fashion

But it wasn’t smart then to wear Dr Martens

So of corns I’ve had my ration


You could see me walk down the street

With pointed toe shoes on my feet

I was so vain and I’d grimace with pain

And not smile at the people I’d meet


Now some friends have started to talk

About doing a marathon walk

I’ll give it a try, I’ll do or I’ll die

From a challenge I’ll never baulk


Along with Ruth, Debbie and Sue

I’m now part of a motley crew

We’re called Waingroves Walkers

And we’re not just big talkers

The whole walk we’re determined to do


So I’ve entered my name with the rest

To face up to this challenging test

It’s not a race but we’ll need a good pace

And I know that we’ll all do our best


With toes covered in plasters and tape

I’ve managed to get into shape

I’ve walked miles and miles through streets, fields and stiles

From this task now there is no escape


Now that the big day draws near

I’m filled with excitement and fear

But I’ll put on my bra and I’ll feel like a star

And I’ll finish the walk with a cheer


by Margaret Bailey 

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