85 Year Old Mary ready to take on her next MoonWalk London

Mary Yeates from Bristol is a Walk the Walk Superstar. At the age of 85, with 22 Walk the Walk events under her belt, she is an inspiration!

For almost 20 years our amazing supporters from all over the world have been joining us for the famous MoonWalk London and together with our other challenges, have raised an incredible £112 million so far! Here we share Mary Yeates from Bristol story.

Mary is a Walk the Walk superstar. At the age of 85, with 22 Walk the Walk events under her belt, she is an inspiration!

Originally from Birmingham but now living in Bristol, Mary completed her first MoonWalk London in 2003 and has done a Walk the Walk event in her fantastically decorated bras every single year since, including The SunWalk Bristol six times, The SunWalk London four times and an amazing 12 Full Marathons at The MoonWalk London!

Over the years Mary has raised a staggering £12,000 for breast cancer, and has become well known for her Power Walking in her local area. In Mary’s earlier MoonWalking days, she used to travel down to London from Bristol on her own on the bus, a dedicated supporter. This year she was joined by her god daughter, Jane, and travels to The MoonWalk in style in their own chauffeur driven car generously donated to her by her neighbour as recognition of her amazing achievements.

At The MoonWalk London 2016, Mary was given a surprise by Walk the Walk and was accompanied by Aaron and James from the Pearls & Pecs for a Red Carpet MoonWalk Marathon as part of the 20 years of Walk the Walk Celebrations in London. There was a worry that they may slow her down, as Mary is well known in the Walk the Walk office for being a ‘rocket’ when Power Walking. But, they kept up and they all crossed the finish line together.

Mary is unstoppable and 2017 will be her 13th MoonWalk London, as she helps us celebrate The MoonWalk London’s 20th birthday!

Join us on the 13th May 2017 as we celebrate The 20th MoonWalk London with a 'Roaring Twenties' theme... unite with us against breast cancer and help make a difference.




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