£50,000 granted to Penny Brohn UK for online support services during the pandemic!

Walk the Walk’s grant will ensure these crucial services continue for a further six months, helping around 45,000 clinically vulnerable people and their carers.

Walk the Walk is making Emergency Grants to frontline cancer charities every month until the end of year and we’re thrilled to be giving £50,000 to the fantastic Penny Brohn UK.

Since 2000, we’ve granted £21.5 million to Penny Brohn.

Unfortunately, their National Centre is currently closed due to the pandemic, but as it took hold earlier this year, Penny Brohn quickly switched to providing online help for cancer patients across the UK suffering feelings of isolation. Walk the Walk’s grant will ensure these crucial services continue for a further six months, helping around 45,000 clinically vulnerable people and their carers. 

Penny Brohn UK’s nationwide online services include:-

  • An Emergency Helpline
  • One to one telephone or video appointments with medical experts and therapists
  • Group Zoom sessions including “Managing Resilience During Lockdown” and “Morning Moves” (for women affected by breast cancer)
  • Daily group Zoom sessions, focusing on relaxation, mindfulness and meditation techniques 

Penny Brohn herself, the founder of the charity, recognised during her own cancer treatment that she needed to care equally for her “mind, spirit, emotions, heart and soul”. Since she died in 1999, the charity bearing her name has continued to help thousands of cancer patients do just that. Following the outbreak of COVID-19, Penny Brohn UK has been as passionate as ever about supporting people’s mental health and wellbeing.   

The charity’s virtual sessions during the pandemic have already made a huge difference, reaching beyond geographical boundaries. Recently, one participant said: “Living in Derbyshire, it was hard for me to access Penny Brohn’s services on a regular basis prior to lockdown, so being able to take part in the sessions via Zoom has been an absolute game-changer. I think I have now pretty much accessed them all. I am full of gratitude. Penny Brohn has continued to be my anchor”.

Nina Barough CBE, Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk said: “We are delighted to be able to support Penny Brohn UK with a Walk the Walk emergency grant that will enable them to provide crucial online support, whilst their main operation in Bristol is closed and unable to provide face to face sessions. These online and digital services have become such a vital lifeline to women and men living with cancer. It is a wonderful and very positive thought, that moving forward and when it is safe to open their centre, Penny Brohn UK will continue offering online services that can reach patients across the world. Meanwhile, Walk the Walk are determined to continue helping to make a difference where we can, and where it is needed most."

Penny Brohn UK’s National Centre in Bristol

Julie Worrall, CEO of Penny Brohn UK said: “The support of Walk the Walk has been transformational to Penny Brohn UK. It is a special relationship that has enabled Penny Brohn UK to be the charity it is today.  This year has been particularly hard for us all and we are truly grateful to Nina and the Trustees for their grant towards our online services. With their help, we are able to reach people with cancer beyond geographical boundaries; helping them to feel less alone and more connected during this most challenging of times.” 

Nina and the Walk the Walk team at the opening of Penny Brohn UK’s National Centre in Bristol in 2006

Going forward after the pandemic, Penny Brohn UK plans to run its virtual and physical support services side by side.

Thank you to all our Walkers, Volunteers and Supporters for making this possible! Keep Walking the Walk with us and continue to make a difference! Thank you for uniting with us against breast cancer.



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