2.6 Challenge... The Walk the Walk Team Way

By supporting us with your 2.6 Challenge, you will be helping us to really make a difference to those living with cancer, when they need us most. Some of us from the Walk the Walk Team will be coming together to join forces with you.

Sharon's... Walking 2.62 miles for 10 days to reach a marathon distance… Woo Hoo! See more.

Jen's... Walking up and down stairs 26 times a day from today until 16th May – Not all Mountain Goats are in Peru! See more.

Sam's... Walking 260 laps of the Garden about 33,000 steps – a Half Marathon! Will this continue to shape little George's strange world! See more. 

Polla's... Well 26 activities… are Roy and Lili still talking to her… or busy learning how to count in Chinese! See more.

Guy and Nina's... Along with our long legged daughter will be 4 legged walking and running for 26 minutes… ummm!!! Plus – Nina is going to cut Guys hair in 2.6 minutes… there's no words for that! See more.

Jan's... Playing 26 Tunes on her flute… Edinburgh calling for Stars on Stage! See more.

Jo's... Decorating a bra in 26 minutes… can reality match the imagination… or is it the other way around! See more.

Ailsa and Laila's... Shooting 26 netball hoops each in a row – Starting Sunday… may take some time?? See more.

Charley... Walking 2.62 miles in the shape of a 2 and a 6, because everyone knows Charley loves a map. See more.

Claire... Cycling 26 miles a day for 26 days... that a lot if miles! See more.

Walk the Walkers...

We want to hear what you will be doing, share your pics and videos on our social media and add your fundraising link too!

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