1 minutes silence… 1 song… 1,000 people donating £1.00!

Join us... Wednesday 10th 7.00pm… a minutes silence to share your energy and donate just £1.00!

4 days and counting… so far we have raised over an amazing £43,000 on our #wtwroadtrip… thank you… please keep it coming so we can give money to those who really need it now!

Our final destination in Iceland is approaching fast... so this is the perfect time to really push our fundraising, no matter how small. We want to try and reach £45,000… (but Nina always wants more!)… so, let’s see how much we can make by the time we cross that beautiful Finish Line at Lake Myvatn in Iceland!

Your mission, should you accept it… is in true MoonWalk style, to share a minutes silence together for all those living with cancer and for all those that are struggling through each day alone. Hold out your hands and come together and share your love, thoughts and energy… then… donate just £1.00 and let’s see if we can raise a thousand pounds by 8.00pm!

  • 7.00pm - 1 minutes silence
  • 7.05pm - Listen and watch Hazell Dean's stunningly beautiful and very moving song 
    7.10pm - 8.00pm - Make a £1 donation to your online fundraising page or direct to Walk the Walk here.
  • Share far and wide and let's see how much we can make in just one hour!

Reflect with Hazell Dean's stunningly beautiful and very moving song -
The Way Old Friends Do

We will be making our first £20,000 grant at the end of the June and will continue doing so every month until the end of the year… keep your eyes peeled on our social media to see who will be benefiting this month… so please keep the fundraising going! 

Don’t forget to share... tonight at 7.00pm the more hearts and positive energy coming together... the more that can be achieved… we want to raise £1,000 in 1 hour!

Hold hands and hold that thought to make a difference! 

Join us for the last exciting week of this fun, free virtual challenge and help us get even more people to Iceland!

Nina and the Walk the Walk Team xx



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