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Bras On Show at the Lightbox in Woking!

Bras On Show at the Lightbox in Woking!

It takes courage to wear a bra in the street...

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Peru 2017 Team with medals at Machu Picchu

Gill's Fantastic Adventure on The Inca Trail Peru!

If you are thinking about doing this challenge, don't think twice, do it! It's everything and more and one that takes a long time to sink in. No words can explain it...

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Sara Hits the Heights on the Inca Trail in Peru

And there it was, Machu Picchu, in the early morning light, with hardly a cloud in sight. There were tears, hugs and photos galore...

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Susan Walks The MoonWalk Iceland Twice

Give it a go, don’t have regrets. You will not be alone for long and you will become a member of the Walk the Walk family. I hope you find it a life changing experience.

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Walk the Walk fundraising items, badges, balloons, banner and more

Fundraising Events for Walk the Walk

Let us know what your plans are and we can add your event to our next fundraising calendar blog...

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Gillian's Afternoon Tea and Other Fundraisers

I have tried to do one main Fundraising Event each year as I find this is better than constantly asking individuals for sponsorship.

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The Nijmegen 4 Day Marches 2017

They trained... they Walked... they conquered!

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Fundraising for 2017 Reaches £6 Million!

A huge THANK YOU to all our wonderful Walkers, Volunteers and Supporters!

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Sonia at The MoonWalk London 2017

Sonia Takes On Her 1st MoonWalk London

Thank you for the experience of a lifetime... here's to next year!

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Gail Walks the Walk for Family

I wanted to give something back to life, as my way of being thankful...

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The Incredible Inca Trail Peru 2017

All their hard training was put to the test on the Inca Trail, with 45 kilometres, 3 nights and 4 days in the Andean Mountains... what a challenge!

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