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Pat's final stretch of her Walk1000 miles challenge in 2019

This charity has given me more than I could ever hope for – a great support team at all events, but I have some amazing friends that I have met through the charity who keep me going.

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Lesley follows in her fathers footsteps at Nijmegen Marches

Having done The MoonWalk London 3 times I decided to do something a little different... when I told my plans to my dad I couldn't even pronounce Nijmegen

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Jane hits her Country Walking #Walk1000 miles challenge target

As charity partner for Country Walking Magazine's #walk1000miles in 2019, we catch up with Jane, who reached her target and completed Nijmegen Marches!

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Pat reaches halfway on her Walk 1000 miles Challenge

June saw a mileage of over 100 miles – I was still on target to get to 1,000. I can, however, see myself walking on New Year’s Eve to get the final miles.

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My Nijmegen 2018

After 35km of even more party and carnival atmosphere, we are closing in on the finishing line! We are greeted by an amazing sight of grandstands filled with people bystanders lining the route for the last 5k.

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Andy's 2018 Nijmegen Marches Adventure...

Walker Andy shares experience of Nijmegen Marches, following numerous charity marathons with breast cancer charity, Walk the Walk.

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Polla's Nijmegen Marches story

After a few emotional words, big hugs and laughter, we pin the ever so precious Nijmegen cross just above everyone’s hearts, before proceeding to the Finish area together, arm in arm. We all feel proud, very proud.

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Nijmegen Marches 2015

The emotions then became overwhelming for me in that last mile, the people cheering and clapping, waving banners, bands playing made me feel very humbled.

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Nijmegen Marches 2014 – Pat’s amazing experience!

The support from the Dutch villagers was second to none…bands, music, sweets, snacks, drinking water – all available. Everyone who had walked before tried to explain the atmosphere…the only comparison I can think of is Carnival Day in the UK.

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The Nijmegen Marches – Nik and Carol’s fabulous adventure!

Marching 160km’s or 100 miles in 4 days sounds madness to most people but if I say how about a 4 day party, free music, free drink (non-alcoholic of course), free food and the total friendliness from the people of Holland then maybe I’ve now got your attention!!

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