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As EastEnders airs a male breast cancer storyline… Neil shares his own story

Going through my treatment was very difficult mentally. A lot of the time, my family just didn’t know what to say.

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Breaking Taboos – Men diagnosed with breast cancer meet to share their experiences

"Until this Men Get Breast Cancer Too event I hadn’t met any other men with breast cancer."

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UK Virtual Meet–up (VMU) for men diagnosed with breast cancer

Although Walk the Walk organise a physical yearly reunion it was recognised that some of the men would welcome the opportunity to be able to chat more often about their experiences with other men who have been diagnosed with the disease.

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Diagnosed with breast cancer... David shares his inspiring story

“I found a tiny lump, smaller than a pea, under my right nipple after I got crushed and bruised by one of my patients, a dairy cow – I was a vet."

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Men Get Breast Cancer Too - how they noticed changes to their chest

We asked our men who are part of our Men Get Breast Cancer Too campaign how they discovered the symptoms that lead them to being diagnosed with breast cancer... this proved to be very interesting and informative so we thought we should share.

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Giles talks about the Men Get Breast Cancer Too campaign and the charities collaboration

Giles has been part of the campaign right from the start... see what he had to say about the announcement below!

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Charities collaborating on our Men Get Breast Cancer Too campaign!

We’re very proud to announce that a global group of charities is collaborating with Walk the Walk on our Men Get Breast Cancer Too campaign!

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Richard relates going through breast cancer to feelings during the pandemic

I think the pandemic has given many people a real sense of mortality. For me, surviving cancer and a brush with my own mortality meant I had a bit of re-evaluation.

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Check your Chest - men get breast cancer too!

Six men diagnosed with breast cancer gathered in London to share their experiences and help Walk the Walk launch the next phase of our national 'men get breast cancer too' awareness campaign.

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Men get breast cancer too - MoonWalk London and MoonWalk Scotland

New T-shirts from breast cancer charity Walk the Walk hope to spread awareness that Men Get Breast Cancer Too

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