Only one more sleep!

We should have been getting ready to gather in our incredible pink tent tomorrow evening.... so instead with all our Walk the Walk determination... we will raise our spirits, come together, even if it is virtually... and celebrate like everyone is watching with our MoonWalk Celebration Road Trip!

Only one more sleep!!! Bring it on!

WOW, the Team at WTW HQ are raring to go!... we love that we are coming together with our Walkers, Volunteers and Supporters. We may not be able to actually see each other but virtually tomorrow, hundreds of us will be setting off together on an adventure of a lifetime! Go on... come and be part of it and celebrate our 29 day adventure with the MoonWalk Celebration Road Trip!

Keep your eyes peeled on social media... here's a little snippet it of what to expect!

Saturday 16th May 2020

  • 9am – Make sure you watch “Wake up with Roy Gayle”. The very familiar and amazing Roy Gayle, has been warming up MoonWalkers up for many years, he will be getting everybody honed and toned before we all set off. Look out for his spectacular bra that he always wears in true Walk the Walk tradition!
  • 12 noon – Don’t miss Nina Barough – Walk the Walk’s truly inspirational Founder and Chief Executive... of course, she really needs no introduction!
  • 4pm -  Hear from the the Walk the Walk Team... they can't wait to share the journey with you! 
  • 8pm - Hazell Dean - Dance-pop singer and a fantastic Walk the Walk supporter, sings a re-mixed version of “The Way friends Do”. Warning... have your hankies ready!

This is going to be such a unique Celebration with lots of fun along the way, let’s all share stories and pictures on our social media, using #wtwcelebrate #wtwroadtrip... we want to hear from you!

Sleep well, stay safe, remember to keep social distancing and we will see you all in the morning... eeek!

Not joined us yet?.... enter here for free entry to this fun challenge, you can join for part of the journey or the whole way… just be there!


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