Bra Exhibition at the Good Housekeeping Institute for Walk the Walk

The exhibition showcased a collection of eleven stunning bras, created by high profile designers for celebrity Walk the Walk supporters.

Yesterday Walk the Walk held a sparkly reception at The Good Housekeeping Institute in Soho. The scene for the evening was set with ‘Twenties’ music playing, the seriously glamorous ‘Bolli Darlings’ served sweet treats in style and we had a fantastic night celebrating 20 years of Walking the Walk with some very special guests! 

The exhibition showcased a collection of eleven stunning bras,created by high profile designers for celebrity Walk the Walk supporters. On display were eye-catching designs from Zandra Rhodes, Jeff Banks, Barbour for Lorraine Kelly, Good Housekeeping, Joey D, Julien MacDonald for Alan Carr, Jane Bowler and Heather Orr for Little Mix, We Will Rock You, Sandy Powell for BAFTA, a sculpted bra by artist Nina Saunders and an absolutely fabulous bra designed by Victoria Grant and signed by Jennifer Saunders and Harriet Thorpe from the Ab Fab cast! It was like a MoonWalk with so many amazing bras in one place! 

As well as exhibiting our trademark bras, Nina gave a truly inspirational speech and our guests watched a very moving video. It told the history of Walk the Walk and how the money raised by all our wonderful supporters has helped fund pioneering research into breast cancer and also improve the lives of those who have cancer now.  

The video showed everyone in the room, just how important it is to continue raising money and awareness for vital breast cancer causes, creating a ripple of excitement at the thought of where we will be in another 20 years! 

We would like to say a very special thank you to Good Housekeeping, our media partner, for hosting the reception, as well as to all the wonderful companies who donated items for the goodie bags and refreshments for the evening.

Make 2017 the year you help us make a difference... unite with us against breast cancer... don’t just ‘talk the talk’... ‘Walk the Walk’ this Breast Cancer Awareness Month! #bcam  


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