PRESS RELEASE - Walk the Walk promises to grant £1 million in 2023

Breast cancer charity Walk the Walk makes announcement ahead of World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day 

Breast cancer charity Walk the Walk promises to grant £1 million in 2023

To mark World Cancer Day (Saturday 4th February), breast cancer charity Walk the Walk is excited to announce it will be awarding £1 million of grants from its reserves during 2023.

The charity raises money through its iconic walking events, including The MoonWalk London, which celebrates its 25th anniversary on Saturday 20th May. Over the last quarter century, Walk the Walk, founded by Nina Barough CBE, has already made a huge difference to people living with cancer and their families. The money raised has contributed to scientific developments, which have led to better diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

  • £137 million raised. Grants made across the UK include:-
  • £34 million to Breast Cancer Now for research; £21.5 million to Penny Brohn UK for cancer support services; £10 million to NHS Hospitals and Trusts for Scalp Coolers. These machines help many cancer patients keep their hair during chemotherapy
  • Also, grants in Scotland to the Breast Cancer Institute in Edinburgh, Maggie’s and Cancer Support Scotland. To FACT in the North East, Tenovus Cancer Care in Wales, Action Cancer in Northern Ireland and Lewis Manning Hospice Care in Dorset, amongst others

With the increased impact of so many people being diagnosed late with secondary cancers, because of the pandemic, people across the country need Walk the Walk’s support more than ever.

Liz Lowe (pictured) from Halesowen successfully used a Scalp Cooler during chemotherapy for breast cancer: “I know that losing your hair isn’t the end of the world but for me, it made me feel much more positive at a very difficult time. I’m very grateful that Walk the Walk’s grant to my local hospital meant that I had the choice to use a Scalp Cooler myself.”
Christina O’Kelly from London attended a free Living Well course organised by charity Penny Brohn UK, after her breast cancer diagnosis: “I felt like I was tucked away in a little sanctuary, with people who totally understood me. These things cost a lot money and simply couldn’t run without donations and grants from amazing charities like Walk the Walk.”
Dr Damir Varešlija
, Walk the Walk Fellow and Breast Cancer Now scientist: “I am honoured to be supported by Walk the Walk to advance our understanding of secondary breast cancer in the brain. They have been supporting ground-breaking breast cancer research for 25 years, where they know it will make the most difference.”
Nina Barough CBE, Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk: “This World Cancer Day, I am delighted to announce that Walk the Walk will be awarding £1 million from its reserves. Our aim is to put these funds where they are needed most at what is a difficult time for everyone, with a focus on innovative and pioneering treatment and care. Following the pandemic, and with so many secondary cancers being diagnosed, we want to give our support where it really can make a difference.”
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