A Gift of Life

Whether it's a donation to a good cause instead of flowers at a funeral of a loved one, including a gift in your Will, or fundraising and joining us on a WTW challenge... it will be a true gift of life for generations to come, helping us to make a difference to vital breast cancer causes.

Walk the Walk is a breast cancer charity in the UK. This means that we carefully select charities and organisations to support so that we can all reach our goals and ambitions and make the lives of people on their journey through cancer more comfortable and informed.

There has been great progress in the treatment of breast cancer over the past 20 years and we are very proud to have been a part of it... but with your help, we can do more.

Flowers or a Donation to a Good Cause

Many people faced with organising a funeral decide to make a donation to a charity, instead of having flowers. Why not choose Walk the Walk and help to make a difference to others with breast cancer at this difficult time?

Funeral Directors are happy to arrange this for you or you can set up a Treasured Memories Page.

Treasure your Memories

"When someone you love becomes a Memory.... That memory becomes a Treasure!" - Anon

This is a special place to come together and remember the one you love, where you can share photos and treasured memories. Friends and family can also make donations if they wish, joining the Walk the Walk family in uniting against breast cancer, knowing that the money raised will go on to help future generations in the years to come. 

Contact us for more information or click here to request a Treasured Memories page.

Leave a Gift in your Will

We all know that it's important to make a Will but we all put it off, as let's face it, it's not a comfortable thing to do. We really appreciate the support you continue to give us... so… just imagine how good it would make you feel knowing you can continue helping future generations by leaving a gift in your Will... this is a real gift of life. 

To make this difficult task as easy as possible, we offer a Free Will Writing Service... find out more here.

However you choose to write your Will, we’d love you to include Walk the Walk. By doing this... you can continue to make a difference. 

Get Walking and take on a Walk the Walk Challenge

Love Walking, Love Life... take on a Walk the Walk Challenge and not only celebrate the life of someone special to you, but also raise money that will make a difference to those living with cancer now.

Thank you for uniting with us against breast cancer!


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