If you or someone you know has any symptoms that might be linked to breast or other cancers, don’t wait, visit your doctor now!

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07th Sep 2024


Walk where you choose...


Take part as an individual, a family or even as a virtual Team!

07th Sep 2024


Walk where you choose...

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Take part as an individual, a family or even as a virtual Team!

The Virtual MoonWalk Scotland

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  • Calendar

    07th Sep 2024

  • Distance

    13.1 or 26.2 miles!

  • Location

    Walk where you choose...

  • Requirements

    Take part as an individual, a family or even as a virtual Team!

For your entry fee you will get

  • WTW BRA OUTLINE Reverted 203Px X 109Px

    You choose...

  • T Shirt Reverted 203Px X 109Px

    Event T shirt



  • Training Plan Pink Outline

    Detailed Training Plan

  • Cap Pink Outline

    Reflective Cap

  • Support Pink Outline

    Fantastic Support

And lots more


Minimum sponsorship is £150

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Breast Cancer Charity Virtual MoonWalk is back!

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You choose where and the distance... walk in your local park, your favourite place or even whilst on holiday... the choice is yours!

With 3 challenges... a location chosen by you, PLUS a distance for everyone!

13.1 or 26.2 miles!  

Walkers coming together in spirit across the country and indeed the world and with one common goal, all by Walking the Walk during the day... WOW... what an incredible experience to share… and a formidable sight to see! Unite against breast cancer.

Every mile you walk and every penny you raise will make a difference to those living with cancer.


Walk with us… Raise money for us… together we can really make a difference!

What do I get for my entry fee

How does it work?


There are 3 different distances to choose from:

  • New Moon 10k - 6.55 miles - there will be various daytime starts on the 7th September to choose from (must be completed in one go) (Sold out - now unavailable)
  • Half Moon - 13.1 miles - there will be various daytime starts on the 7th September to choose from (must be completed in one go)
  • Full Moon - 26.2 miles - there will be various daytime starts on the 7th September to choose from (must be completed in one go)


Entry is £37.50 for any distance or under 13's can take part in the New Moon only for £15.00 and receive a medal.


Not only do you choose your distance, where you walk the challenge is up to you... the best part of selecting virtual, you can walk out of your front door and start your MoonWalk Challenge! 

What will I receive for my entry?

Look at all of this below... the MoonWalk offers more than most other virtual events... where else can you get an exclusive T-shirt, cap, bra and so much more... all whilst having the best time and uniting against breast and other cancers. 

  • Your Walk the Walk welcome emails,
  • Your Training Guide, including training plan and advice on walking technique,
  • An exclusive Walk the Walk challenger's bra T-shirt - white for females and pink with a blue bra on for men (only available to those taking on the challenge),
  • A high-vis cap  
  • Bra - the famous bra to decorate,
  • All the walking information you need
  • Walker Number to download,
  • Weather protector,
  • Press release form you can download so you can get your local paper involved,
  • A Sponsor Form to download! 


Under 13's on the New Moon

  • Will receive a medal only (no pack)


Post Challenge

  • Event medal - well earned medal sent by post - should be with you before the end of July (proof of completing your goal will be required)
  • Congratulations certificate - available to download
  • Lots of FUN!


Closing date for entries

Once we have reached our limit entries will close... so enter now to avoid disappointment!

Everything to do with teams

Please note: Teams are just for fundraising purposes only. If you are not fundraising together then no team is required.


How do we fundraise as a team

Before registering decide on a team name and a team leader. The Team leader registers first and creates the team. If you would like to join an existing team you can register by searching for the team name on the join team on the registration form.


Can I have a team taking part in the MoonWalk Virtual and MoonWalk Live?

Yes! Just choose your option on entry and make sure everyone joins the team!


Ways to enter your Team Members!

  1. After entering the team name, you can then enter the email addresses of your team and they will receive an email inviting them to join. They will need to pay for their own places and complete their registration.
  2. Let your team members know the team name, they can then head to our website and select the ‘Join Team’ option on the registration form
  3. Once the Team Leader has registered, before they pay, they can choose to register another person. You can then enter the rest of your team members and pay for them, but you will need each person’s details.


Can I enter for someone else? 
Yes – you may make an online entry for each member of the team, provided that you have their permission to provide the required information (including their unique email address) and accept the terms and conditions on their behalf. 


Can some of us enter to virtually walk different distances?

Yes! You can have a team people walking the different distances for the Virtual MoonWalk


What is the fundraising target for a team?

We ask that everyone who enters The MoonWalk aims to raise a minimum of £100.


I want to invite friends and family to join my team?

Fantastic! Already have a Team but want more to join in the fun?... Send your friends and family an invite by following these easy steps


Any further questions?

Please email us and we will be in touch.

All about the fundraising...

Can I download and print a paper Sponsor Form? 

Yes, you can download one here.


Do you have any posters that I can print?

Yes, take a look here.


Here are a few ways to help you reach that magic number!

  • Update and share your online page with friends and family. 
  • Have a bake sale at work/school/church; in fact anywhere! Everyone loves cake!
  • Exchange your time for donations e.g. doing shopping, watering gardens, baby or dog-sitting etc
  • Give something up for sponsorship! Go without your favourite treats for a month. Chocolate, alcohol, cake? Can you manage it?
  • Organise an event such as a coffee morning or a quiz – easy to do and very popular!


Tops Tips to boost your fundraising page!


An Online Fundraising page will be set up on registration... so make the most of it!

  1. Make sure you upload a photo of yourself, so your friends and family can see it’s you!
  2. Tell your story! Why are you taking part? And what are you doing? Many people walk in memory of someone dear to them, or you could be celebrating your all clear! Or just getting a little bit fitter!
  3. Make a reasonable size donation first yourself as this sets the standard for those to follow. If you make a £25 donation – many will follow you and donate the same amount.
  4. Update your page with your progress. So, those new trainers, click and post; that soggy training walk; click and post; your decorated bra, click and post! You get the idea!
  5. Share your post regularly – every time you update it, share it, so everyone can see your progress and commitment! No need to ask for donations, your page will do it for you!
  6. Say thank you! Every time someone supports you be sure to say thank you so they feel appreciated and loved!
  7. Share! Share! Share!

How will the miles be tracked?

Please note only Virtual MoonWalkers need to upload their distance!

Information coming soon.

Looking for more information?

Then lots more can be found here.


25 years of Walking the Walk

What our Walkers have to say...

Men get a T-Shirt like mine on the MoonWalk... #MenGetBreastCancerToo- John


We can't wait to be back! Sign up today and get motivated to go out walking regularly!- WTW

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Thank you! In 2023 so far we have raised

For vital breast cancer and other cancer causes in Scotland.

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