Breast Cancer Now

Hot news... over £1.8M granted this week!

Fantastic news...

We have just awarded Breast Cancer Now an incredible £1,824,945.00 to fund four vital research projects which are so crucial in our fight against breast cancer.  

They are delighted that this transformational grant will take us closer to finding targeted treatments for triple negative breast cancer, will help us understand how to overcome resistance to treatments, will enable us to identify how we can target breast cancer with new drugs and how we can stop secondary breast cancer in its tracks.

None of this would have been possible without the support of every person who took part in the MoonWalks and all Walk the Walk Challenges, our Volunteers and supporters thank you so much - you’re making an enormous difference.

Together, we’re moving closer to our 2050 goal, that everyone who develops breast cancer will live.

More news to follow soon...

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