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Find a Training Partner

Have you entered one of our events and are looking for someone to train with? Our Training Partners service helps you to find someone to train with. Not only can you create your own advert, but you can also browse by postcode for walkers near you

What is it?

A Training Partner can help you stay motivated, give you advice if they are experienced, help you stay safe and chat away the miles!

It's not just for individuals but also for teams as well. Quite often a team lives in separate parts of the country so each person may need to find someone else to train with. Even if you are training as a group why not sign up and help to grow the size of your team!

You never know, there may be a friendly face living just around the corner from you doing the same challenge!


  1. Enter one of our challenges
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Visit this page and create an advert

Don't forget

  1. This service can only be used if you have signed up for one of our events.
  2. No personal details are publicly shared.
  3. Walk the Walk reserves the right to edit any adverts before they appear.
  4. Please expect a short delay whilst your advert is approved.
  5. If you want to connect with a walker then you can message them from your Training Partner area.
  6. If you wish to share contact details, those will only be visible between you and the other walker.
  7. Walk the Walk monitors all communications.
  8. Any adverts that are from personal trainers, fitness groups, etc will not be published.
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