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  • With your help we are making a difference!
  • The Virtual Grand Balloon Safari Race...
  • No fundraising events… means no money… Charities are in the hands of their supporters!

With your help we are making a difference!

These challenging times continue, at Walk the Walk and we are doing our very best to not only make necessary changes within the charity but also re-create our fundraising sources in order to support ourselves and to ensure that we can be around to help others when we come through this. Simultaneously, whilst our fundraising has been reduced by more than 95%, we are doing what we can to help support those charities and organisations on the front line, that provide much needed services to those living with cancer.

The impact that Covid-19 is having on cancer is devastating, once again many cancer treatments are being deferred, as hospitals are forced to put their priorities into treating and helping those with Covid-19.   

We are incredibly grateful to all of you who have taken on Virtual Challenges for us, or made a much needed donation. We ask that you continue your support, no matter how small, and as we know too well, it is by everyone coming together, that we can move the mountain!

Meanwhile, some very positive news to share, as we continue issuing our Emergency Grants, following our grant to FACT in the North East, we have now granted to Penny Brohn UK, who are based in Bristol. Like many, their centre and main operation is closed and in the absence of face to face sessions, their online and digital services have become a lifeline to so many. A Walk the Walk grant will help to ensure that they can fund this vital service, that reaches out across the UK for the next 6 months.

Equally, Cancer Support Scotland based at the Gartnavel Campus in Glasgow, has received a grant to help them protect their mental health well-being services over the coming months, in providing over 500 online counselling sessions. Their services, like FACT and Penny Brohn UK, help to alleviate the many challenges that cancer can bring, including stress, anxiety and fear, that have only been compounded by the isolation that many feel due to Covid-19.

More grants are being made and we will keep you up to date as they are awarded. 

Walk the Walk are committed to supporting research into secondary cancers. Regardless of Covid-19, we must continue, even though we are sadly unable to make new grants for research at this current time. Back in 2019 a grant of £half a million was awarded, to fund Walk the Walk Fellow and Breast Cancer Now Scientist Dr Damir Varešlija. The 5 year research programme has only recently begun and will see Dr Varešlija researching how breast cancer spreads to the brain as a secondary cancer. Watch this space for any progress with this vital research.

The Virtual Grand Balloon Safari Race...

Spend £5 on a virtual balloon and have a chance to win £500!

Buy a virtual balloon for just £5 and watch it fly across the Serengeti... Walk the Walk are granting £20,000 a month to frontline cancer charities. They really need our, and your help right now, so they can keep helping those who really need it!

Buy one and pass the good luck on… every little really does help!

Lift off - 12 Noon – 20th November 2020… every balloon will make a difference towards vital cancer support! 



No fundraising events… means no money… Charities are in the hands of their supporters!

All our lives have been affected in some way over the past 9 months, and none more so than those with cancer.

Walk the Walk like many other charities, have been unable to hold events and fundraise in the traditional way, and as a result many are grappling with technology to find new methods of raising funds and are on their knees fighting for survival. 

Statistics show that doctors have seen 60% less referrals than usual, many cancer patients are not receiving their treatments, or are experiencing severe delays, loneliness through self-isolation and facing treatments alone is affecting many; cancer treatment is in crisis… there has never been such a need to look at how we fundraise in a new way and to look at what can be done to try to turn the tide for the benefit of all!

Read how you can help us and other charities here.

Email us to let us know if there are any topics, subjects or articles that you would like to see included next time. 

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