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"I’m reading ‘What Red Was’ by Rosie Price. The trouble is I’m watching the wonderful TV adaptation of ‘Normal People’ at the same time and they are rather similar. Or are they?  I’m getting myself in a muddle to be honest." - Fay Ripley

If you haven’t seen ‘Succession‘ yet you are in for a treat. It’s the best show I’ve seen in years,  by a long way. Also try ‘Cheer’ on Netflix it’s a documentary about cheer leading but is really a fascinating look at another world" - Fay Ripley

"Muriel's Wedding. Cos I married the leading Man." - Fay Ripley 

"I’m obsessed with podcasts. ‘The Highlow’ is one I also go back to for a magazine style format. Louis Theroux’s new one ‘Grounded’ is great and for a gripping true life investigation try Their Drop Out’ " - Fay Ripley

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