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MAD2 - 2 Miles A Day Make A Difference!

Are you doing your MAD2… to keep active and healthy, everybody should do the MAD2 every day. This amounts to approximately 5,000 steps depending on your stride length and can include everything from the minute you step out of bed until you get back into bed at night. You may surprise yourself at just how far you usually walk around your home, on the other hand you may find you move very little so now is the time to get going!

As we enter another week of restrictions and social distancing it becomes even more important to make sure we keep moving. If you have lost that initial motivation to get fit, or you're tired of doing the same workout, you need the MAD2… you would be MAD not to!

Below is just a week of suggestions about how you can fit this into your day and get a result, whilst keeping within government guidelines…

Let us know how you achieve your Mad 2… get ready... you would be MAD not to do it!

A Mini Masterclass in how to ramp up your speed and walk further in the same time.

With the MoonWalk Celebration Road Trip, as well as some very exciting virtual events on the horizon, for those committed walkers amongst you, now is a great time to work on technique and speed.

Without too much technique it is possible to go from an average walking pace of 3 miles an hour to about 4–4.5 miles an hour, then for many increasing the pace becomes challenging and elusive. It is at this point that the most common question I am asked is ‘what can I do to increase my speed’. If you want to move everything up a gear towards 5 miles an hour and beyond, which is very achievable, it is absolutely essential to have a change of approach towards your walking technique and the way that you train. Read more here.

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