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Men and Pilates 

Isn’t Pilates really for women… the answer is a definite no! 

The first question you are probably asking ‘isn’t Pilates really for women?’ The answer to that is a definite no. In actual fact it approaches functional fitness in a way that appeals to men. However, the interest shown particularly by women over the past 20 years, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was for females only.  It was created by a man, Joseph Pilates, and men have continually featured in the history of Pilates.  You just have to look at the number of male athletes, the amount of male instructors and the training courses for men, to dispel that myth.

Reading about how Joseph Pilates was inspired, you quickly realise his overall passion was to connect the mind, body and spirit to acquire optimum health and physical strength for all, by developing efficient movement patterns. Your second question might well be what can men get from it… so just read on. 

Richard relates going through breast cancer to feelings during the pandemic...

"I think the pandemic has given many people a real sense of mortality. For me, surviving cancer and a brush with my own mortality meant I had a bit of re-evaluation. I am a reasonably robust person and was relaxed about my breast cancer diagnosis. These problems are a challenge, but you just have to get on and make the most of the situation and work your way through it."

Read more from Richard here.

Men Get Breast Cancer Campaign...

Walk the Walk started the #MenGetBreastCancerToo awareness campaign with the aim to support 6 men who had become very frustrated that their voices were not being heard. Now two years later there are 11 men all uniting with one voice. Read more here and find out how to check your chest too.

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