Online fundraising crib sheet

Online fundraising is the very best way to support Walk the Walk... follow these step by step instructions for your online fundraising page to help make the most of it.

1. Access your fundraising account. Once you are logged in, you can do all the actions below. Edit your page, add an offline donation or thank your donors. If you see your own name here, you are already logged in and ready to go. 

2. Upload a great picture of yourself! Hover over this box and click on Update Page Photo.

3. Change your page details. Update your story, your goal, your picture… take a look! Don’t forget to save your changes!

4. If you haven’t signed up to a challenge as part of a team, it is still not too late to create a team page and invite your friends to join in the fun! Or why not join one of the existing teams? N.B.: If you set up a team or join a team this way, please also email your details and the team name, so we can make sure you are all connected on our system and you will be able to walk together on the night.

5. Have you received a cheque or some cash towards your fundraising? No problem. Cheque payments can be added to your online page by clicking on “add offline donation”. This is just for your own records; we don’t get notified about it and will only count it towards your fundraising once we have received the cheque in the post.

You can also add any cash to your page by donating to yourself (and keeping the actual money). Just click on the green donate/ give now button and follow the instructions. Please don’t forget, this is not your own money, so it cannot be Gift Aided.

6. Edit your fundraising goal. Just click on the £amount and set yourself a target or make it higher if you are already there.

7. Share the link to your page on social media. Do this regularly after every update on your page. People love seeing how you are getting on and hopefully, donate in the process.

8. Follow these key steps.

9. Tell people why you are taking part. Make it personal.

10. Post training and fundraising updates. Use your page as a blog, share photos and then share your page on social media! 

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