Light up your page

Make the most of your fundraising page by following these 5 simple steps and you will soon be up and walking! Online fundraising is the very best way to support Walk the Walk

Step by step guide

For a quick overview of your fundraising page and to find out how to make the most of it, take a look here.

1. A picture speaks a thousand words

Go on - be brave and put a profile picture on your page. It makes it so much more personal and it really doesn't have to be at all embarrassing. Posting just one picture on your fundraising page will almost triple the donations you have received!

2. Write a really interesting personal message – turn it into a story

What will encourage your friends, family and strangers to donate? Do you have a personal reason for taking on the challenge? Is it for a loved one or is it for yourself? A personal message will raise double the amount in donations.

3. Share your page! Facebook, Twitter, Emails... the world is your oyster

You can make £70 with just a simple click! Share your page link in a personal message on Facebook, email everyone you know with a friendly plea or post about your efforts on a group page asking your friends to get behind you and telling them why you’re doing what you’re doing for Walk the Walk.

4. Keep your page updated - this is really important

Started your training? Organised a fundraising event? Completed a really long walk? Write about it, post pictures about it, it's your space, so use it! Your friends and family will love seeing how you are getting on.

I started updating and blogging on my fundraising page for the first time this year & was so surprised with the response. I didn’t feel I was asking for money all the time.  It highlights events & mileage covered in training & shows the effort you go to, which surprised people as they only see the end result. And I got more donations too! - Jane

5. Say thank you to each donation

It's so important to thank everyone who donates some of their hard earned cash. Visit your page and leave a message of thanks. Make it short, sweet and sincere and most importantly personal. If you think the donation is really big, then why not even follow up with a letter or card - snail mail has its place.

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