Fundraising can be fun!

All you need is a little imagination. On this page you will find real stories from our walkers on what worked for them. Use it as a source of inspiration for your own fundraising

Quiz night - Annette

We had a really great evening last Saturday for our quiz night with lots of support and great team work We raised just over £900 pounds together which we were really amazed by. My son and his girlfriend made some very special cup cakes for us as a surprise which we also sold. We did a raffle and played heads and tales as well. All in all it was a fun night and we have had lots of positive feedback .... We even had a round of questions on Iceland! 

Thank you very much for your support

Race night - Avril

We had a great night and raised a fantastic £750 towards our group total. The support from friends and family was very much appreciated and a fun night was had by all.

Gingerbread men - Sally

My firm has just matched £250 of my fundraising! I think my Walk the Walk themed ginger-bra-men may have had something to do with it.

Fundraising event - Linsey

Our team hosted a fundraising event today, we had a cake sale, a raffle, a tombola & a few other bits – people were so kind! In total, we managed to raise £636.85.

Pink party - Birthday - Sue

My 50th Birthday falls in March, so last year, after entering the London Moonwalk, I decided I would have a charity disco to celebrate my birthday and requested in the invites that instead of presents I would like donations for Walk the Walk. So I made the party theme PINK! Everybody had to wear something pink. The party was a huge success!! I’d hired two collection tubs from you and placed them on the bar thinking people would just put their loose change in there but I was overwhelmed when I opened them to find lots of notes, 5’s, 10’s and 20’s! The tubs, together with some games and online donations, meant that the night raised over £550.00!

Fundraising evening - Zoe

On Saturday, my team mates and I held a fundraising evening at my house, we had nail pamper, cakes, crafts, jumble table, guess the weight of the cake, sweets in jar, name the teddy, bingo and raffle prizes!! I am pleased to say we raised £386.11

Ladies night - Pamela and Fiona

"We held a ladies night in a local community centre, with tickets including a mini treatment, goodybag and arrival drink, a bar, a topless waiter prize game, pole fit, some stalls and a lot of hard work we managed to have a fab night and raise a massive £2,050 for Walk the Walk."

Pop up coffee shop - Danielle

"This morning I had a pop up coffee shop at my house. People brought friends and donated money for coffee and cake. We had 3 stalls selling Phoenix cards, Neil's Yard and Love Bumble accessories! I made £333.00 plus over £100 online donations from people who couldn't make it! Really pleased! Hope this inspires someone else to do one for their fundraising!!"

Pink hamper - Barbara

"I held the raffle, had so many donations from family, friends and my employers that I was able to make up 2 really good hampers, the total raised at work from the raffle and collecting pots was £230.00."

Frock swap - Liz

"I held a frock swap last week and raised £269 which is set to rise.
Over the last couple of years I have lost approximately 3.5 stones and dropped several dress sizes. I started with Zumba and then last year joined a diet and fitness class. I sold tickets to the ladies at my classes.

They then brought clothes that they no longer fitted into and swapped them for those that now did. Some ladies took more clothes home than they brought to the swap so gave a donation to my fundraising to cover this. During the evening there was a dressing room for the ladies to try on clothes which was great fun as they were all fighting over them (friendly of course). I also held a small raffle and sold refreshments during the evening.
At the end of the evening I was left with a lot of clothes so next Saturday I am off out at 6am to bootsale them. I should do well as they are very nice clothes.
Hope this gives others a great idea - it really was a fab evening for all who attended.

Scottish reeling evening - Sarah and Juliet

"Our Scottish reeling evening went well and we raised £600 for Walk the Walk. We asked all families with children ranging from about twelve years old to nineteen years old and we had ninety people attending.  We gave everyone a glass of wine when they arrived, and then started the dancing.  We danced four reels over the evening, with a sit down supper in the middle.  We decorated the hall with silver balloons, ribbons and stars and it looked very attractive. We raised the £600 from ticket sales - £8 per person, but we did all pay for some of the food ourselves, making lasagne and cakes. As well as the fundraising, there are so many other benefits to an evening like this, the fun had by all and friendships renewed and formed."

42,194 metres in a marathon!

A great idea for schools and large organisations. There are 42,194 metres in a marathon and a school in Kent asked pupils and friends to sponsor a metre for 10p and succeeded in raising over £4,000!!

Fun quiz night - Di and Pete

"We invite teams of 4 - 6 to take part in our quizzes, charge £6.50 per person which includes a hot supper and dessert. They are encouraged to bring their own drinks etc as we don't have a bar.  I cook the food (!!), and Pete devises the questions - 10 rounds of varying topics - nothing too intellectual, we put the emphasis on fun. We have done quite a few of these quiz nights over the last 9 years or so and they raise quite a lot of money - just over £700 each time. We are lucky to have good friends and family who also help us at these events. I lost my first husband to cancer. Strangely enough, in a roundabout way, it got me involved in Walk the Walk MoonWalks. I had heard about the MoonWalks in 2008, and thought it would be something  my youngest daughter and I could do together (she was 20 when her dad passed away), so we managed to get in for The MoonWalk London in 2009!  The rest, as they say is history, I've also taken part in The MoonWalk London 2011 and The MoonWalk Edinburgh 2012.  You just get bitten by the 'bug'! And now, it seems Pete's been bitten as well - Iceland was his first MoonWalk!!"

Ghost hunt - Heidi

"Last year, I contacted a company called Haunted Hampshire, who organise paranormal investigations at ‘haunted’ locations. I asked them if they would be interested in holding one for me, with the proceeds going to Walk the Walk. They were keen to help and we held it in June last year. They did most of the advertising, they interviewed me for their magazine and we managed to fill every space between us. It was in Romsey in a 1900’s theatre. There were around 30 people and it was from 9 pm until 3.00 am. They set up all sorts of equipment, thermal imaging, temperature readers, can’t remember the names of them all. They had 3 psychics and séances were held on stage and in the dressing room. Certainly some very strange and unexplainable things happened that night. And we raised over £250 for Walk the Walk."

Home made preserves - Paula

"Iceland was my first MoonWalk and I found some great ideas on there. When I signed up I thought £500 was a lot to raise. I still have little bits and pieces coming in but I think I'll just break £2,500 which is unbelievable. I used the 10 week weight loss challenge at work and raised £105 from that. I'm lucky that I work for a large department in an NHS hospital, so have lots of work colleagues and friends out on the wards who helped support me. I got Karen Morgan's knitting pattern for little bras for cream eggs, and raised £250 from them.

I thought of the idea of selling preserves as it is something I already like doing, but usually just give them away to friends and family. I know I like buying home made jams and chutneys so I wondered if other people would too. My preserve bible is the River Cottage Handbook on preserves, which has so many recipes that you can alter to what produce you have available. It's good to ask around and use Facebook to see if anybody has spare fruit/veg they can't use, and if people can supply you with glass jars also as it works out quite expensive buying them from Lakeland. I didn't sell them at an event it was just the odd few jars here and there, then word gets around, then you get repeat orders!

I know in January I'll have to make lots more of Seville orange marmalade as it went down really well, but they're only around for a couple of weeks so I'll have to be organised.

I'm already making jam and pickle to sell for next years challenge (London to Brighton), and just took delivery of 30 unwanted courgettes at the weekend to make some pickle with."

Bag packing at Waitrose

"I thought you would like to know that six of The Foxy Funbag's team (Kim, Jo, Catherine, Janine, Emma and myself Dawn) raised £765 bag packing with the Walk the Walk collection buckets at Waitrose in Sandhurst on Sunday!"

Cake stall - Yumm

"Sue Milligan, Liz Bowman and Belinda Brett decided to raise money for the MoonWalk by having a stall at the Tring Spring Fayre. As Liz and Belinda make such great cakes it wasn't long before we had sold out!! Just over £600 was raised. Thank you to everyone who bought a cake!!"

If you have any questions or need help with your fundraising ideas or event, please get in touch with the Fundraising Team. We are always happy to hear from you!

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