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Matched funding and receipts

Information about matched funding from employers or receipts

Matched Funding and Contributions from your Employer

Many companies have matched funding schemes, where they will match the amount you raise, or they have schemes where they will make a contribution towards your fundraising

Find out if your employer has either of these type of schemes! Even if they don’t have a scheme, they may well be willing to make a contribution.

Companies which we know have matched giving schemes (at the time of writing) include Lloyds Bank, Mercer and Sainsbury’s, to name but 3, but there are many more than these.

Some schemes may require you to provide an official receipt from us for the money you have raised, and if this is the case, please read the receipts section below.

Other companies may require us to complete a form for you in which case you will need to complete the part of the form that relates to you before forwarding it onto us to provide confirmation and/or bank details.  Once completed we will send the form back to either you or the company.

We can also become an approved Charity for your company if your organisation requires it. We are already approved for many companies.


There may be cases where you need an official receipt from Walk the Walk.

For example, if you are applying for matched funding from your employer, some schemes require an official receipt from the charity, for the money you have raised, to be attached to your application. Alternatively, one of your sponsors or donors, especially if they are a company, may require a receipt.

If you need one so that you can claim matched funding, please state this when requesting the receipt, as well as the name of your employer, because it helps us with our accounting.

Sending in your fundraising? Please request any receipt that you might need by enclosing a note or covering letter when you send in your sponsor money. If you have online fundraising to be included on your receipt as well, then please state the name of your fundraising page, for example www.walkthewalkfundraising.org/midnightmoonwalkers, in the letter.

If you have done all of your fundraising online, please click here to request a receipt, remembering to let us know the name of your fundraising page, as above.

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