Donation refunds

If you need to contact us about a donation refund please use the form below

A walker is unable to request that a donation made to their online fundraising page is refunded. Requests for refunds of donations must be made by the donor.

When you are fundraising for us, you are raising money for Walk the Walk Worldwide, and the donation is not tied to whether you complete the challenge in which you are entered. So if you cancel your place, are unable to take part or do not finish, we do not refund the donations which you have raised.

However, we do refund donations where there are exceptional circumstances, such as a mistake has been made, for example, the donor intended to donate £20, but donated £200 or where the donation has been made twice in error. Where there are exceptional circumstances, and less than two weeks after the donation has been made, and the donor wishes to apply for a refund of their donation please fill in the form below and set out the reason why you are requesting a donation and providing sufficient details for us to identify the donor.

Refunds take approximately 8 weeks to process and any Gift Aid claim will also be reversed and cannot be claimed by the donor.

Transfer of donations between event participants is also not allowed 

Can be found in your receipt email
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