4. What to Bring

  1. Essential Items
  1. Essential Items

    Now we know that spending your evening and night-time awake and out in the open air, watching the sunrise is perhaps not your usual way or spending a Saturday!

    Therefore, we thought we would put together a list of What to Bring to help keep you energised, happy and smiling throughout the night...

    1. Thermal Layer – even though the MoonWalk London takes place in May, temperatures can drop down low overnight and even though you might be busy moving around, we want to make sure you stay nice and warm till the sun comes up!
    2. Gloves + Hat - with that in mind – we also recommend you bring some extra woollies to keep those extremities cosy!
    3. Change of Socks – as much as we all hope for a night of clear skies, living in England means the weather is as always unpredictable. A spare pair of socks is a fantastic way to keep both you and your feet happy if the heavens open!
    4. Portable Phone Charger – it is important that you are able to get in touch with someone from the Call Centre at any time, which means you need to keep that phone alive throughout the event.
    5. Bumbag – everyone is allowed to bring one small bag to keep in the Volunteer Bag Store. However, a bumbag is a super way to keep all your essentials on you whilst moving around both MoonWalk City and the Route! 
    6. Sun Hat – perhaps the opposite to the first two items. A sun hat is a super way to keep both rain and sun off your face, so whatever the weather, this is a good item to have.
    7. Sunglasses – perfect for you to watch that beautiful sunrise over London!
    8. Sun Cream – this may seem a bit weird, with most of you working through the night… we are not suggesting moon burn, however, that early morning sun can be really warm, and protection always comes first!
    9. Water Bottle – it is important to stay hydrated to keep your body fueled and nourished to keep you going through the night.
    10. Snacks!!!!! – now who doesn’t love a Midnight Snack… we will be providing all our Volunteers with hot soup and sandwiches, but please bring along all your favourite snacks and treats to keep your hunger at bay!!

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I had a really amazing night and thoroughly enjoyed the experience… seeing all the walkers come over the finish line was just so up-lifting!
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