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  1. Overview

    We have many roles and opportunities for Volunteers to choose from, so we guarantee there is something for everyone no matter your experience or ability. You simply need a positive and hard-working attitude to help a great cause! In return, you will meet some amazing people, help raise millions of pounds for breast and other cancers and have the most incredible time at one of London’s most iconic events!

    It really is a chance to experience something truly unique, fun and challenging where you can donate your skills and the best gift of all... your time!

    Roles are allocated in advance, but you can request a preference on your registration form – also remember to note down any relevant skills and experience to help us choose a role that suits your talents.

    Everything you need to know will be covered in our Virtual Volunteer Briefing which takes place a few weeks before the event and each team has a designated Volunteer Team Leader or Walk the Walk Staff Member to provide assistance and guidance on the night.

    Have a read through some of our featured roles below for a taste of what we can offer you, plus at the bottom is a table of key roles and the shifts they cover.

    We guarantee there is something for everyone!

  2. Roles in MoonWalk Arena


    Thousands of bags are quite a sight to behold and take some serious organising! Volunteers will be responsible for registering, securing and returning Walker baggage. We also like the Baggage Team to be eagle-eyed, looking for returning Walkers who may need first aid.

    Call Centre

    Who better to check in and look after our fabulous Volunteers, than one of their own! Located off-site, work with of our Walk the Walk team to answer the Volunteer Hotline as well as call round to your fellow Volunteer family to find out how they are getting on during the night!

    Clean & Recycle Team

    Enjoy the buzz around MoonWalk Arena, have a chat with Walkers, and pick up some rubbish as you go! This is a great role if you need to have a sit down every so often. 


    Experience the buzz and atmosphere as thousands of Walkers arrive at Clapham Common! With people coming from all over the UK, Volunteers help to direct our arriving Walkers both to and around the iconic MoonWalk Arena.

    Entrance Gate/Start Line

    Be the friendly face welcoming thousands of Walkers to MoonWalk Arena and working with Security to ensure everyone enters safely and speedily. You will help all arriving Walkers through managing the queues and handing out their colored wristbands. Once everyone has arrived you will head over to the start area to clap and cheer all our Walkers as they head off on their challenge!

    Finish Line

    Once all the Walkers have left MoonWalk Arena and are on their challenge - Our Health and Safety Team, Security, Walk the Walk representatives and yourself will magically turn the Start Line into the Finish Line. Once set up, your job is to welcome back tired but euphoric Walkers across the Finish Line. The secret is to work as a Team and be as welcoming, efficient, and as speedy as you can be.

    Meet & Greet

    Help direct our excited and eager Walkers to MoonWalk Arena! Dotted at key points around Clapham Common, your role is to help guide and direct our Walkers to the MoonWalk Arena Entrance Gate. You are the first glimpse of the MoonWalk as they approach, so big smiles and big waves are encouraged!

    Pop Up Shop

    From bra pins to water bottles to chocolate… The POP UP SHOP offers a variety of all things Walk the Walk that can be bought and some obtained for a donation… This is an extremely busy area as our thousands of Walkers are keen to buy merchandise.

    Volunteer Tent

    With more than 700 Volunteers passing through the Volunteer Tent over the course of The MoonWalk, your goal is to get them all registered and prepared for the night ahead as efficiently as possible so they can start their role on time. There are a number of different roles within the tent, as it is a perfect role who needs to have access to toilets and a sit down!

    Water Crew

    You will be helping to ensure that thousands of walkers set off on their challenge hydrated and with loaded water bottles!

  3. Roles out on the Route

    Coach Marshal

    Coach Marshals are an integral part of The MoonWalk, ensuring that our Volunteers are not only dropped off, and picked up and at the correct locations on time, but also keep them buzzing and raring to go, as this makes the night pass a lot easier!


    Are you an avid cyclist and want to go that extra mile for breast and other cancers? This role involves giving Route Marshals additional support, answering Walker queries or providing a rapid response to any non-medical issues. We also have designated front and backmarker teams for the Full and Half Moon challenges. This isn’t for the faint-hearted… 30+ miles will easily be covered! Volunteers will need to supply their own bike and safety equipment.


    Do you have experience in driving through the busy streets of London? Our Drivers transfer Route Marshals to and from their Zones, provide additional route support in busy areas and return retired Walkers to MoonWalk Arena. Volunteers need a full, clean licence and be aged 25 or over.

    Route Marshal

    We couldn’t have The MoonWalk without our amazing Route Marshals! You will join a team within a designated Zone to ensure Walkers progress safely and in the right direction. Duties also include essential cheering of the Walkers, answering queries, requesting first aid assistance and working with the Police and Security to manage busy junctions.

    HOT TIP! If you’re supporting a Walker, make sure you fill in their challenge on your registration form so we can make arrangements for you to watch them cross the Finish Line.

    Service Station Team

    Walking a marathon is hungry and thirsty work! We have multiple Service Stations along the route, which are all manned by our lovely Volunteers. Cheering on our Walkers and getting involved in handing out water or fruit, managing Walker queues or helping keep the area clear of rubbish.

  4. All Roles and Timings

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