1. Fundraising ideas

  1. Families
  2. Sporty
  3. Children
  4. Indoors
  5. Wacky
  6. Indulgent
  1. Families

    1. 3 legged walk with your nearest and dearest – 26 laps of the garden, 5 legged if you have a child living with you! Or even 7 legged!
    2. 26 squared hopscotch game.
    3. Create an obstacle course and go round it 26 times. Of course there could be 26 obstacles…
    4. Go alphabet crazy, how fast can you think of 26 words for each of the 26 letters in the alphabet.
    5. Collect 26 pieces of litter while out walking.
    6. Family Olympics - choose 26 activities from any list and allocate to the family to do both indoors and out, over the weekend.
    7. Toss a pancake 26 times.
    8. Have a wheelbarrow race. Go round the garden 26 times taking turns to be the barrow.
    9. Plant 26 plants in the garden.
    10. Play 26 games and don't fall out! eg Monopoly, Pictionary, Snap etc.
    11. Score 26 goals in your home football net (with your Dad or Mum as goalie).
    12. Family Treasure Hunt - hide 26 items (bottle tops/marbles/pieces of lego etc) around the house and garden. Make some a little challenging e.g. have to climb on a chair to reach, have to solve the anagram to find it, have to use google to find what the flower looks like etc.

  2. Sporty

    1. 10 walks totalling 2.6 miles equalling 26. miles over 10 days
    2. 26 minutes of grapevine steps to ‘500 miles’ or similar suitable music
    3. 26 sets of 26 steps forward and 26 steps backwards (1,352 total steps)
    4. 2.6 miles walking as fast as you can manage – a real power walk!
    5. 26.2 mile relay. Get a team together and divide the 26.2 miles by the number in the team (or by the miles) First person sets off filming on What’s app, hands over a ‘virtual baton’ to team member number 2, who carries on . And so on and so forth until the 26.2 miles is covered. May take 2.6 days!
    6. Walk in one direction as fast as you can for 26 minutes – see how far you can get. Do it every day until 16th May, see how fast you get and how much further you travel.
      Do 26 minutes per day of a video workout

    A marathon of 26 different activities/challenges...

    a) 26 minute walk
    b) 26 star jumps
    c) 26 minutes of stretches
    d) 26 minute jog
    e) 26 grapevines
    f) 26 hops on one leg
    g) 26 hops on the other leg
    h) 26 minutes dancing (any style)
    i) 26 ball bounces
    j) 26 hula hoops (not the snack!)
    k) 26 skips with a rope
    l) 26 minutes skipping (with or without a rope)
    m) 26 minutes of dribbling a ball around
    n) 26 bounces of ball against a wall with a racquet
    o) 26 minutes of yoga
    p) Run up and down stairs 26 times
    q) 2.6 minutes doing the plank or 26 planks
    r) 26 baked beans weight lifts
    s) 26 sit ups (or near equivalent)
    t) 26 lunges
    u) 26 squats
    v) 26 basketball or netball hoops
    w) Place 26 tins on the drive/ nearby road if a close, or safe hard surface, and skateboard or roller skate round them for 26 minutes.
    x) Cycle for 26 minutes (could be an exercise bike)
    y) Do 2.6 minutes HIT exercise, 26 times (or 2.6 times)
    z) Your own sack race - 26 jumps in a rubbish sack down the garden.

  3. Children

    1. Devise a treasure hunt of 26 clues or items to be found.
    2. Create an obstacle course of 26 things and they have to get round it in 26 minutes.
    3. Decorate 26 biscuits with icing, sprinkles, choc drops, the lot.
    4. Bake 26 cupcakes.
    5. Shoot 26 basketball hoops.
    6. Knit 26 rows of a scarf.
    7. Dash 26 metres in a black rubbish sack.
    8. Run 26 metres carrying an egg on a spoon.
    9. Pogo for 2.6 minutes.
    10. Place 26 tins on the drive/ nearby road if a close, or safe hard surface, and skateboard or roller skate round them for 26 minutes.
    11. Prepare a meal for everyone
    12. Score 26 goals in table football
    13. Cycle round the garden on your tricycle 26 times

  4. Indoors

    1. 262 is a palindrome so maybe how many palindromes can you think of in 26 minutes.
    2. Decorating a bra in 26 minutes.
    3. Do 2.6 jigsaws on the day.
    4. Knit or crochet 2, 6 or 26 squares for a blanket.
    5. Or Knit 26 rows of a scarf in one colour, then change to another colour. If you do 26 colours it would be too long, so maybe 6 different colours.
    6. Colour in 26 pictures.
    7. Read 2.6 books.
    8. See how many windows you can clean in 26 minutes.
    9. Play 26 tunes on your musical instrument one after the other (ear muffs optional).
    10. Make 26 different craft items e.g. greetings card, cake, pot of jam, crocheted bracelet etc.
    11. Sit in a chair and raise both legs 6 times, rest and repeat until you've done 26.
    12. Bake and decorate 26 cupcakes.

  5. Wacky

    1. 26 laps of the garden doing 26 funny walks (make a few suggestions, see below).
    2. Fashion a Madonna bra and catch 26 rings in a row on your bra.
    3. Hula-hoop for 2.6 mins or 26 mins in a decorated bra.
    4. 262 is a palindrome so maybe how many palindromes can you think of in 26 minutes (while dressed as ABBA if you want to be really wacky!)
    5. Men - wear a bra for 2.6 days.
    6. Bra pong for 2.6 or 26 minutes, or even 2.6 hours… how many ping pong balls will they manage to get in the cups (or a normal drink pong game).
    7. Eat 26 cupcakes!
    8. Catch 26 nuts/choc drops/grapes in your mouth.
    9. Dress in your partner's clothes for the day.
    10. Toss 26 pancakes, 26 times while walking 26 steps.
    11. Do 26 press ups with a child/dog/pile of (26) books on your back.

  6. Indulgent

    1. Have a virtual tea party and every one donates £2.62 for the cuppa!
    2. Bake and decorate 26 cupcakes.
    3. Eat 26 cup cakes!
    4. Find a recipe with 26 ingredients and cook and eat it.
    5. Watch films/box sets for 26 hours (without falling a sleep)

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