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1. Costs

  1. What are the 2020 challenge costs?
  2. How can I pay?
  3. What does the cost include?
  4. Are there any additional costs?
  5. Flights
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  1. What are the 2020 challenge costs?

    Details below are for 2019 and will be updated for 2020.

    The Three Land Challenge Package 2019

    Total Booking Deposit - £200 (non-refundable) made up of:
    Walker Pack Fee: £80
    Entry Fees to MoonWalks London and Scotland: £57
    Tour Deposit Fee: £337

    Standard Three Land Package

    Challenge Cost including Iceland: x4 flights per person, accommodation and transportation in Iceland. For the UK MoonWalks you will arrange your own accommodation (if required).

    Single Room -   £2,899 per person
    Twin Room -     £2,490 per person 
    Triple Room -    £2,345 per person
    Quad Room -     £2,280 per person 
    (Please note: these prices listed above include the £337 Booking Deposit)Accommodation Packages available for MoonWalk Iceland:

    Single Rooms -  4 available 
    Twin Rooms -    30 available (60 Walkers)
    Triple Rooms -   3 available (9 Walkers) 
    Quad Rooms -   3 available (12 Walkers) 

    Please note: If you are an individual looking to share we will endeavour to pair you with other individuals in your preferred room type, however sometimes this may not be possible and you may be required to change room type and pay an additional supplement. This is entirely dependent on the number and type of registrations. 

  2. How can I pay?

    Details below are for 2019 and will be updated for 2020.

    You can pay for The Three Land Challenge 2019 in 4 different ways:

    • 3 Instalments - due 3 December 2018, 28 January 2019 and 18 March 2019. (If you sign up after 3 December, you be will paying via 2 Instalments)
    • 2 Instalments - due 28 January 2019 and 18 March 2019
    • Pay in Full - when Three Land Opens 
    • £asyPay Monthly Instalments - here is the £asyPay Schedule

    Entering via an online entry form:

    • Pay your Deposit + Walker Pack Fee to guarantee your place
    • Depending on your choice of room type and payment option - we will be in touch for the balance. 

    Want to split your payments? No problem!
    Yes! Introducing Walk the Walk "£asyPay!" 

    £asyPay means that after you have paid your deposit, the remaining outstanding amount can be split over several months depending on when you join the challenge. Of course the earlier you join the longer you have to pay, click on the links below for £asyPay Schedules and full challenge costs. 

    A mandatory Standing Order form must be set up as part of the Terms & Conditions of the £asyPay Payment option. The Standing Order form will be sent to you by our Finance Team once you have registered.

    £asyPay Schedule: Three Land Challenge Standard Package. 

  3. What does the cost include?

    The MoonWalks in London and Edinburgh:

    • Race Entry to the events and all event facilities such as medal, route, entertainment, water etc. 

    Three Land Challenge Package T-shirts:

    • 2 exclusive long sleeved Three Land Challenge T-shirts
    • 1 exclusive short sleeved Three Land Challenge T-shirt
      (specific MoonWalk T-shirts are not included but can be purchased when registering)

    Included in The MoonWalk Iceland Package:

    • Four flights and all taxes per person; London Heathrow to Keflavik, and then Reykjavik to Akureyri/Husavik and the return journey.
    • Lakeside hotel accommodation on an en-suite bed and breakfast basis.
    • All meals other than those listed in the itinerary page
    • All excursions including transport and guides.
    • All transport within Iceland (for those on the Standard Package).
    • Accommodation in a city centre hotel in Reykjavik on an en-suite and bed and breakfast basis
    • Race Entry to The MoonWalk Iceland.
    • Bra - the famous bra to decorate - your challenge is Three Land Challenge and we'll provide you with 1 bra for your Three Land Challenge. You can decorate additional bras for each challenge if you wish.
    • Walk the Walk support throughout your journey with us, from the time of booking with training advice, walker and fundraising support all the way to arriving home.
    • An invitation to a pre-event 20 mile training walk in London led by experienced Walk the Walk staff (subject to minimum numbers attending).
    • High visibility Beanie hat.
    • Three Land Challenge Cap.
    • MoonWalk Iceland Midge hat.
    • Weather protector.
    • Space blanket.
    • All race facilities such as medal, water, entertainment etc. 

    This also includes protection by trade description legislation, contract laws and package holidays regulations.

  4. Are there any additional costs?

    • Travel to the UK MoonWalks and any accommodation required for these.
    • Overseas postage and packaging.
    • Insurance Policy (compulsory) our, Operator Discover the World offer policies from £25.70 (2019 costs).
    • Lunch on Travel Days - Day 1 and Day 6 - (breakfast will be provided on Day 6) on both these days there is an opportunity to buy a meal at the airport or the Blue Lagoon.
    • Lunch and dinner on Day 5 - this is your extra day and night in Reykjavik. 
    • Activities and tours during Day 5 - you will book and pay for these separately in advance of your time away. 
    • Additional T-shirts for MoonWalk London or MoonWalk Scotland (you have an opportunity to buy additional T-shirts at the point of registration).

  5. Flights

    All group flights depart from London Heathrow and all return flights terminate at Heathrow. Included in the package are four flights per person and all taxes; London Heathrow to Keflavik, and then Reykjavik to Akureyri/Husavik and the return journey.

    We are unable to accept Race Entries only, as the cost of the trip and all onward travel has been constructed specifically for us as a group of a certain size. However, a limited number of Non Flight/Ground-only (no international flights) are available. If you are interested, please contact us to discuss your potential arrangements and the times to meet the group before booking. There are a very limited number of 'Ground Only' flights and these are reserved for international Walkers first and foremost. 

  6. Walk for free!

    Minimum amount to be raised £750

    Would you like to do the Three Land Challenge without the extra challenge of worrying about how to fund the payment of your trip?

    At Walk the Walk, if you raise enough sponsor money, to thank you for supporting us, we can refund your Tour Costs for the basic Challenge! If you intend to raise £3,450 or more for Walk the Walk then you will be eligible for a Refund of over £1,000.

    Raise £1,750 and WTW will refund £750
    Raise £2,250 and WTW will refund £950

    All Walkers can raise up to £3,449.99 and receive a Refund based on the above breakdown. If you would like to receive a refund of more than £1,000 this means that you will be classed as a Professional Fundraiser under the Charities Act 1992, section 60. This only applies to you if you intend to raise £3,450 or more and intend to accept the refund.  

    If you would like to receive a Refund of your Tour Costs and intend to raise £3,450 or more, you are required to complete a separate document within 14 days of applying/registering; this is in accordance with the Charity Commission and Charities Act 1992. This is very important because if you do not complete this formthe maximum amount that can be refunded is £950. Please contact us to be sent a link to this online form.

    Raise £3,450 & Walk the Walk will refund £1,500
    Raise £3,950 & Walk the Walk will refund £1,750
    Raise £4,550 & Walk the Walk will refund £2,000
    Raise £4,800 & Walk the Walk will refund £2,065
    Raise £5,000 & Walk the Walk will refund £2,210
    Raise £5,450 & Walk the Walk will refund £2,619

    Please note: the maximum amount that can be refunded to any Walker is the total paid by the Walker for their chosen room type and standard Three Land Challenge package including MoonWalk Iceland 5-night stay. This does not include the Walker Pack Fee, tour deposit, booking fee, insurance, personal spending or South Iceland Extension or other extensions to travel dates.

    For those electing for a 'Non-Flight Package' (places are limited) your refund will be based on the Tour Cost you paid for your chosen room type and the standard MoonWalk Iceland 5-night stay. This does not include the Walker Pack Fee, insurance, personal spending or extensions to travel dates and this breakdown can be sent to you

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