5. Training for the Nijmegen Marches

  1. A bit about Training...
  1. A bit about Training...

    14 week Training Plan will be sent out with your Walker Pack. 

    For this challenge you will need to commit to training; it is intense and has consecutive training walks, so can be time consuming. The Training Plan is like this so that your body is prepared to walk 40km distances over the 4 consecutive days and enjoy it! Alongside this, we also recommend taking part in other exercises such as swimming or pilates to increase your overall level of fitness. 

    The route is generally tarmac through towns and villages, with some small parts off road, on footpaths and trails. The weather in Nijmegen is generally dry and can get hot, however, rain does fall!   

    Before taking on this 5 footprint challenge, you should be able to, at this point, comfortably complete a MoonWalk or Marathon within 7 - 8 hours... as this is a Team challenge, this is important, you and your team members will be relying on each other across the 40K each day to keep together and complete it together! 

    Your ultimate goal for training will be to reach a Walking pace of 15 - 16 minute miles. However, on the challenge itself, it is our aim to complete the 40K in 7 - 8 hours. 

    If you need any tips or advice to complete these distances, we have Walk the Walk staff who have completed this Challenge and know the Challenge well and can offer you tips... just give us a call on 01483 741430 or email us here.

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