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  1. The Ultimate Team Challenge
  2. How to join as a Team
  1. The Ultimate Team Challenge

    The Nijmegen Marches is a Team Challenge like no other, from start to finish and all the miles in-between, we will be walking together. It is an incredible journey and a wonderful experience to share together, the laughs, the games and trying to out-sing the big military teams.

    You will make new and old Walk the Walk friends, supporting each other, marching and singing to our heart's content. We are required to dress as a team in our ‘uniform’ which of course, is our famous bra t-shirts with dark bottoms.

    Walk the Walk have entered a Walking Team into the Marches for over 11 years, and are famous for our t-shirts and are known as 'the bra team'... they've come to know and recognise us!

  2. How to join as a Team

    The Nijmegen Marches have changed the registration process for 2022... you now register directly with the Nijmegen Marches, on their website here, and register as a Civilian participant... deadline for challenge entry is Friday 25th July... so be quick!

    1. You will complete an entry form
    2. The organisers will send you a log in and password to you
    3. Enter into The Nijmegen Marches and pay the Race Entry fee of EU104
    4. Once complete you will be entered into a ballot!

    You will be notified whether your application was successful on the 4th April! If it is a YES, then get in touch with the Unique Challenge Team or simply register on our main page hereto join our Team!

    This challenge is incredible, amazing and everything in between - so don't delay, make sure you sign up today.

    Rules and Regulations 2022

    Due to the very strict organisers Rules and Regulations, females of 18+ can join the Walk the Walk Civilian Marching Team, however, males have a strict birth date criteria to join the 40K Team; any male born in 1972 or before, can join the 40K Team.

    If you are male and born from 1973 to 2003, unfortunately, because of your age, you are unable to join a 40K Civilian Marching Team. If this applies to you, please email us for more information on your options to join the Marches.

    Please note: There is a minimum number requirement of 11 Walkers for us to take part as a Civilian Marching Team. We encourage you to register and join the team for this amazing challenge. 


    Read our blog here to find out what it’s like to take part as a Civilian Marching Team. 

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