4. Fundraising

  1. All you need to know about fundraising
  2. Can you send me a Scotland sponsor form?
  3. Are you a Multi Challenger?
  1. All you need to know about fundraising

    How much sponsorship do I have to raise?

    We ask that everyone who enters The MoonWalk aims to raise a minimum of £100 (excluding Over the Moon). We know how hard it can be to raise sponsorship, especially if you do lots of charity events!

    Fundraising is a fantastic way to raise money and awareness and we have had people do all sorts of things from bra decorating competitions, to bra car washes, falling out of planes and speed dating! There are many other fundraising ideas so why not check out these pages to get you started or create a unique idea of your own!

    Can I fundraise for another charity?

    Because everybody taking part in Walk the Walk challenges is united in a single aim, all your fundraising must be sent to Walk the Walk. By not sending all your fundraising money to Walk the Walk you may be committing an offence.

    Can I use any of my fundraising to pay for my travel expenses to the event?

    NO. That is not permissible and is an offence.

    Do I have to send in my fundraising before the event?

    NO. If you collect any cheques or money now, by all means send them to us as cheques can become out of date if you hold onto them. We would like to receive your sponsorship within a couple of months of completing your challenge, but if you find it is taking longer please don’t worry about sending what you can now and the rest later – we will never turn money away.

  2. Can you send me a Scotland sponsor form?

    Details below are for 2019 and will be updated for 2020.

    Everyone who takes part in our challenges receives a sponsor form. You can also download one here.

    Or for an even quicker way why not set-up an online sponsor page. It's quick and easy as well as helping us to save money!


  3. Are you a Multi Challenger?

    Thank you for joining us on more than one challenge, please be aware that any money you raise over and above the minimum requirement for this challenge cannot be transferred to another year.



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How to support us

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