If you or someone you know has any symptoms that might be linked to breast or other cancers, don’t wait, visit your doctor now!

Scotland Live Moonwalk Logo Pink Lba

11th Jun 2022


Holyrood Park


Event subject to licence and permissions*

11th Jun 2022


Holyrood Park

Scotland Live Moonwalk Logo Pink Lba

Event subject to licence and permissions*

The MoonWalk Scotland

Scotland Live Moonwalk Logo Pink Lba
  • Calendar

    11th Jun 2022

  • Distance

    6.55 | 13.1 | 26.2 or 52.4 miles!

  • Location

    Holyrood Park

  • Requirements

    Event subject to licence and permissions*

For your entry fee you will get

  • WTW BRA OUTLINE Reverted 203Px X 109Px

    Bra to decorate

  • T Shirt Reverted 203Px X 109Px

    Bra T-shirt



  • Training Plan Pink Outline

    Detailed Training Plan

  • Cap Pink Outline

    Reflective Cap

  • Support Pink Outline

    Fantastic Support

And lots more


Minimum sponsorship is £100

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Breast Cancer Charity Night Walk

Bra Image

We are back and can't wait... Join in the fun of the MoonWalk Scotland* night charity walk and experience Edinburgh like never before! Edinburgh turns pink to honour all MoonWalkers… Holyrood will never look so fine as The MoonWalk Scotland comes to town! 

A Walk the Walk hidden gem… the same energy, the same unique experience, just a wee bit smaller MoonWalk than its southern sister.

With 4 challenges on offer... 6.55 | 13.1 | 26.2 or 52.4 miles!

There really is a distance for everyone over the age of 10 and beyond… all whilst raising money and breast cancer awareness.

This year's theme is ‘Your Hero’! So whether you choose your favourite superhero, your childhood hero, or it could be that your mum is Your Hero... get creating and decorate ‘Your Hero’ bra.

What a wonderful way to pay tribute to those that inspire you the most... let your imagination run wild!

Every mile you walk, and every penny you raise will make a difference!


Walk with us… Raise money for us… together we can really make a difference!

Frequently asked questions

Did you roll over from 2020 or 2021?

Thanks for your support. Please see here for lots of questions and answers.


Is there a minimum age to take part?

  • New Moon - younger Walkers can enter as long as they are aged at least 10 on MoonWalk day.
  • Half and Full Moons - Walkers must be at least 13 years of age on MoonWalk day.
  • Over The Moon Challenge - Walkers must be at least 18 years of age on MoonWalk day.


What happens if the MoonWalk cancels?

Please take a look at our T&C's here.


Are there any COVID-19 related requirements for attending the MoonWalk?

We require each person attending the Live event in June 2022 to show that they are vaccinated against COVID-19 and can show a negative COVID-19 Lateral Flow test result on the NHS App (or relevant method for your country, including printed documents) prior to entry into the event site. Of course, this could be subject to change. More details will be made available in the ensuing months. If you have a medical reason as to why you will not be able to do this then please contact us ([email protected]) before entering.


How do I train for the challenge?

Worried about how much you need to do? Total beginner? What should you wear? We can help, take a look here >


How do I Fundraise?

An online fundraising page will be automatically set-up when you register and for any offline fundraising you can download a Sponsor Form here (coming soon). Take a look at some ideas here or just get in touch... you may even get a call from us! Read more>


Be a Hero, help us spread the word...

With the BIG night and day, if going Virtual, getting steadily closer, now is a fantastic time to contact your local media and whether you're Walking or Volunteering, tell them your story, and why you're doing The MoonWalk! You never know – you could inspire others to sign up too!


We’ve made it very easy for you - there’s a template email to send to local journalists, so read our blog here for some simple tips - Good luck and let us know how you get on!


Where is the start and finish?

The same place: MoonWalk City in Holyrood Park. 


Travel and timings

More information will be coming soon.


Do I need to wear a bra?

Wearing a bra to take on a challenge has always been the Walk the Walk trademark and one of the wonderful reasons we have managed to raise so much awareness and money for our vital causes. We know just how much courage it takes, but it is also fantastic FUN! Within minutes of arriving at The MoonWalk, you will feel the spirit, energy and company of thousands of like-minded walkers at this carnival of colours, feathers, fringing and fabulousness… and if you do still feel a little self-conscious, then read on.


What is this year's bra decorating theme?

For one night become 'Your Hero'! So whether you choose your favourite superhero, your childhood hero, or it could be that your mum is Your Hero... get creating and decorate ‘Your Hero’ bra.


What a wonderful way to pay tribute to those that inspire you the most... let your imagination run wild!


Closing dates for entries

For 2022 we have limited places, once registrations are full the event will close. This is what we have all been waiting for, so don't delay!

Everything to do with teams

How do we enter a team?

At the start of your registration, you need to enter a team name and you will automatically become the Team Leader.


Ways to enter your Team Members!

  1. After entering the team name, you can then enter the email addresses of your team and they will receive an email inviting them to join. They will need to pay for their own places and complete their registration.
  2. Let your team members know the team name, they can then head to our website and select the ‘Join Team’ option on the registration form
  3. Once the Team Leader has registered, before they pay, they can choose to register another person. You can then enter the rest of your team members and pay for them, but you will need each person’s details.


Can I have a team taking part in the MoonWalk Virtual and MoonWalk Live?

Yes! Just choose your option on entry and make sure everyone joins the team!


Can I enter for someone else? 
Yes – you may make an online entry for each member of the team, provided that you have their permission to provide the required information (including their unique email address) and accept the terms and conditions on their behalf. 


Can some of us enter to walk half and some full?

Yes. We will do our best to keep you together. Please select the equivalent finish times, shown in the table here and join through the team link or by joining an existing team.


I want to invite friends and family to join my team?

Fantastic! Already have a Team but want more to join in the fun?... Send your friends and family an invite by following these easy steps


What is the fundraising target for a team?

We ask that everyone who enters The MoonWalk aims to raise a minimum of £100. Here are a few ways to help you reach that magical number and more!


Any further questions?

Lots more information will be available closer to the MoonWalk.

I have entered what now?

When do I receive anything from you?

Following your confirmation email, we will be sending you an email with all the information that you need to get going and start training for your challenge. Walking is the most accessible sport and we will send you information that can really make a difference;


  • Shoes and feet – how to care for your feet and how to make sure you have the right shoes that will support you to the Finish Line!
  • Kit – what to wear for comfort  
  • Walking technique – simple changes that can transform you from a stroller to a Power Walker
  • A few great stretches - to keep you supple!
  • Mad2 Training Plan – The MoonWalk is some time away and the best way to get into your stride is by walking a little every day
  • 5 Week Training Plan – For those wanting to crack on – the first  5 weeks of the Training Plan here to try out.


Your event pack including your T-shirt, cap and bra to decorate will be sent to you in Spring 2022.


Plus, you’ll be receiving regular emails from us with all the most up to date MoonWalk news as well as other helpful information and you can always get in touch at any time!


I haven't received my confirmation email

No problem, just email us here.


I made a mistake can I change my entry?

For those who haven’t already received a pack from us, you will be able to change your bra size, t-shirt size and estimated finish time up to 6th February. Email here to do so.


I need to cancel?

Please fill in this form.

All about fundraising...

100 - We ask that everyone who enters The MoonWalk commits to raising a minimum of £100.


£100.00 is a very achievable amount of money to raise and can make a real difference to the lives of people living with breast and other cancers.


Over the past 20 months, Covid -19 has had a devastating impact of isolation, delayed treatments, anxiety and fear for those living with cancer, as well as the many as yet undiagnosed, that is leading to a dramatic increase in later diagnosis, and untreatable cancers.


Raising awareness by taking part in the MoonWalk, and raising precious funds are both really important at this time and we thank you for all your support!


Here are a few ways to help you reach that magic number!

  • Share your online page with friends and family. 
  • Exchange your time for donations e.g. walking your neighbour’s dog, washing cars.
  • Give something up for sponsorship! Go without your favourite treats for a month. Chocolate, alcohol, cake? Can you manage it?


Tops Tips to boost your fundraising page!


An Online Fundraising page will be set up on registration... so make the most of it!

  1. Make sure you upload a photo of yourself, so your friends and family can see it’s you!
  2. Tell your story! Why are you taking part? Many people walk in memory of someone dear to them, or you could be celebrating your all clear! Or getting a little bit fitter!
  3. Make a reasonable size donation first yourself as this sets the standard for those to follow. You make a £25 donation – many will follow you and donate the same amount.
  4. Update your page with progress. So, those new trainers, click and post; that soggy training walk; click and post; your decorated bra, click and post! You get the idea!
  5. Share your post regularly – every time you update it, share it, so everyone can see your progress and commitment! No need to ask for donations, your page will do it for you!
  6. Say thank you! Every time someone supports you be sure to say thank you so they feel appreciated and loved!
  7. Share! Share! Share!

What happens on the night?

Lots of information will be coming soon!


What do I wear?

So that we all look the part in this amazing thousands-strong team and so you are as comfortable as possible we will add a link here with suggestions closer to the MoonWalk.


Can I leave a bag?

More information on this coming soon!


Eating and drinking

Plenty of water will be available at MoonWalk City and along the route. Once you cross the Finish Line, you will be able to purchase some hot food and drink if you wish.


What happens if I don't complete my chosen challenge?

Sadly, there are some people that for many different reasons do not manage to cross the Finish Line. Whilst we have the utmost admiration and congratulate everybody for entering the challenge, we can not give medals to non-finishers as it would diminish the value to those people that do complete the course, sometimes against the odds - after all, completion is part of the challenge! 

Looking for more information?

More information is available here... please note these are being continually updated!


24 years of Walking the Walk

What our Walkers have to say...

Men get a T-Shirt like mine on the MoonWalk... #MenGetBreastCancerToo- John


I can't wait until we can do it again... what a night!- Sue


This is one night not to be missed... don't just take our word for it!

Bra Image

Thank you! In 2022 so far we have raised


For vital breast and other cancer causes in Scotland.

Find out where the money goes
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