5. The night of the challenge

  1. Travel
  2. All about the Bra
  3. Clothing
  4. Route
  5. Toilets
  6. Finishing and recovery
  7. Supporters
  1. Travel

    Where is the start / finish?

    Take a look at this google map or download map here.

    MoonWalk City is on the north-east side of Clapham Common, the area between Long Road (the A3) and to the west of Rookery Road.

    Travel by Public Transport


    Clapham Common is easily accessible from all major railway stations via the Underground

    The closest stations to Clapham Common are:

    Clapham Common Tube Northern Line 8 minute walk.

    Clapham South Tube Northern Line 10 minute walk.

    Clapham High Street Overground 10 minute walk.

    Clapham Junction Overground and Train 1.5 miles.

    For train times, please visit. For other forms of transport, please visit or call customer services on 0343 222 1234. The homepage of each site will direct you to your chosen travel options.

    By Bus

    The nearest stops are Rookery Road, stops N and Y, and are served by routes 35, 37, 137 and 345
    Other routes with stops on roads surrounding Clapham Common are 50, 88, 155, 322, 355, 417, and 690
    Please check where the stops are in relation to MoonWalk City (in the north-east corner of the Common) as some are further away than others, but no longer than about 15 mins walk away. Routes are available here


    Plan your journey - try here 

    Travel by Car

    Again, please note that there will be NO car parking at the event venue.

    There is NO congestion charge

    Street parking is extremely limited and certainly there is none in the park. This link will show you the nearest car parks

    Travel by Coach

    Again, please note that there will be NO coach parking at the event venue.

    There is NO congestion charge

    Street parking is extremely limited and certainly there is none in the park. This link will show you the nearest parks

    Dropping off and picking up

    There will be a designated area set up for dropping off and picking up.

    There will be a map in your Final Information Guide. 

    Transport in the early morning

    If you are taking part in the challenge and expect to finish in the early hours of the morning either because you are walking the half marathon or are a very speedy Full MoonWalker, then read on.

    Some public transport does not run through the night. Indeed all mainline stations may not have trains until later in the morning, so we advise that you check your travel options before the event.

    Night Tube

    The Night Tube services are now running on the Central, Victoria, Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines, offering a 24-hour service on Fridays and Saturdays.


    There are night buses near by, N35 and N137 stop at Rookery Road stops, with N155 running along Clapham Common South Side Road.
    Please use this link for details of routes and stops served.


    An official taxi rank will also be operating at this location.

  2. All about the Bra

    Wearing a bra to take on a challenge is the Walk the Walk trademark and one of the reasons we manage to raise so much awareness and money for our vital causes. We know how much courage it can take to go out onto the streets wearing a bra but we can promise you that within a few minutes of being in the company of so many thousands of others it will feel like the most normal thing to be doing. We ask you to be brave and not wear the bra over the T-shirt, as it does not look good and will rub. Remember to bring your T-shirt and a zip-up sweat top which you can wear tied around your waist, ready to put on if you feel chilly.

    However, if you are thinking that it is not for you and feel very self-conscious… then read on!

    Firstly, you won’t be alone, one thing we can guarantee is that every age, shape and size will be at The MoonWalk! There are many clever ways to decorate your bra which will give you more confidence on the night, and disguise those bits that you might not want to share.

    And for our menfolk taking part… yes, it applies to you too! Just remember it is about raising awareness and most men taking part will be wearing bras. Evidently, the cups make great pockets and many men are seen using them as pockets for storing power bars and mobile phones! In fact, some of our most over the top efforts come from the gentlemen!

    Just remember wearing the bra is about Having fun and Raising awareness!

    Why not read more about our decorating tips here?

  3. Clothing

    So that we all look the part in this amazing thousands-strong team and so you are as comfortable as possible we suggest that you wear / bring the following:

    1. The Bra - You've done the training, you're feeling fit... now it's time to show off your bra. Now it doesn't mean wearing your bra over your T-shirt... not a good look and very uncomfortable, it means wearing your bra in all its splendid glory and that goes for the boys too! More tips here
    2. Walk the Walk T-shirt - Use this to travel to and from the event in (unless you really want to come on the bus in your bra!).
    3. Sweat top - Zip front and long sleeves if possible so that you can wear it tied around your waist ready to put on or simply slip over your shoulders if you get cold.
    4. Event hi-vis Cap - For your own safety your hat has reflective strips, plus if your head is warm the rest of you will so keep your hat on! Pink for Full Moon, white for Half Moon Plus.
    5. Black leggings / shorts - Track pants, jeans etc are not suitable as the seams will rub.
    6. Training shoes - Please use the ones that you have been training in, now is not the time to wear new shoes.
    7. The Weather Protector - is in the clear plastic bag and is fantastic for keeping the elements off whilst allowing you to wear that bra with pride. It does keep you very warm. Don't take it out of the bag until you need it! If you forget to bring yours on the night or want to have more then we will be asking for a minimum £2 donation per item.
    8. The Space Blanket - is the foil item and should be worn after you cross the finish line. Its also a great reflector and should be tied over your Bumbag as you walk. If you forget to bring yours on the night or want to have more then we will be asking for a minimum £2 donation per item.
    9. Walker Number - showing your name and number. Please do not laminate your Number or put it in a plastic pocket, it is waterproof. Your Bag Tag is attached to the top of your Number, complete and attach to the bag you are stowing in the Bag Tent! Entrance, Food and Finish Line tickets are attached to the bottom of your Number - do NOT remove these

    Drinks are not needed as there will be plenty of water throughout the event.

    Bumbag and essentials to carry with you: (don't use a backpack as they will rub!)

    • Lip salve, Vaseline (small pot)
    • Toilet paper or tissues!
    • Weather Protector and Space Blanket
    • Paper and pencil
    • Some emergency cash just in case
    • Phone / Camera
    • Safety pins(to attach your walker number)
    • Small torch if you feel you need it
    • Sunscreen (if the sun comes up you could get burnt without it...)
    • And nibbles if you need to eat on the way round

    If it's cold on the night

    Don't hide your bra if you can possibly help it! You will get warm once you get walking so prepare for that beforehand - you don't want to stop to take layers off! Once you are at the start line do the following

    • Wear your decorated bra
    • Put your see-through Weather Protector over the top - seriously they are very very effective and so simple
    • Put your Bumbag around your waist over the top of the Weather Protector to keep it down and out of the way
    • Wrap your sweat top around your waist so it's there if you need it
    • Keep your hat on... and if really cold put the hood of the Weather Protector underneath your cap... or buy one of our bobble hats
    • Wear gloves
    • Once you get going you can simply pull your Weather Protector out from under your Bumbag and through it up around your neck so it's like a cape behind you. That way you can get it on easily if you get cold

    Trust us - this is the best way of looking good and keeping warm!

    Weather Protectors and Space Blankets

    The Weather Protector is in the clear plastic bag and is fantastic for keeping the elements off whilst allowing you to wear that bra with pride. It does keep you very warm. Don't take it out of the bag until you need it!

    The Space Blanket is the foil item and should be worn after you cross the finish line. It's also a great reflector and should be tied over your Bumbag as you walk.

    In previous years we have handed these out on the night but sadly many people took more than they needed or discarded the ones they were given. This cost the charity a lot of money.

    We now send these out in your Event Packs. If you forget to bring yours on the night or want to have more, you will find them at the various stalls in the main tent for a minimum donation of £1.00 per item.

    Is there anywhere I can leave my bag?

    Yes. There are three huge bag tents, manned by Volunteers throughout the event. Find the one that matches your Start Colour and Number.

    Things to have in the bag that you hand in at the bag tent

    • You may like to bring a blow-up cushion or foam to sit on during the earlier part of the evening - please be sure to take this with you when you go home!
    • Marker pen, after you've written your name on your front and back so that everybody knows who to shout for!
    • Change of clothes for when you complete the challenge especially if rain or a cold night is forecast.
    • Something nice to nibble on or your favourite hot drink for when you return (though there will be some catering sites as well)
    • Spare toilet paper just in case - you may want to take this with you on the route!

  4. Route

    Where does the route go?

    Unfortunately, for health and safety reasons (in this case the Metropolitan Police) we are unable to publicise on this website where the route will be. If you have entered, you will receive a basic map in your Event Information Guide. Amongst some of the sights that you can expect to see this year are The Peace Pagoda, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, The London Eye, The Tate Modern, and all our favourites, Buckingham Palace and The Mall and lots more! Plus Full Mooners will be crossing Tower Bridge once again and Half Mooners will be crossing The Millennium Bridge, facing St Paul's so all very exciting!

    We plan the route to be as entertaining as possible (it takes a year’s worth of work) but last minute changes can happen. If we do have any unavoidable changes we will announce them on the night.


    We often get asked why we cannot close all the roads and why do it on pavements or even why do it at night!  Closing roads is not an option for us as the Metropolitan Police feel that it would be dangerous, mainly because traffic in the capital travels faster at night and, secondly, because drivers would not be expecting to come upon closed roads, that is apart from the extortionate cost that would be incurred to the charity of £100,000's for closing the roads.

    We walk at night because that's what makes the event what it is!

    Although we walk on the pavements we can't control the quality of them: we work hard on planning a route with your safety our main concern, but please always be aware of where you are walking!

    Traffic Lights

    As we walk on pavements it does mean that you will encounter traffic lights. These are heavily marshalled and in certain cases, the police also lend a hand in prioritising us over the traffic, but this is only on specific crossings. It is important that whilst we want to keep Walkers moving, TFL want to keep the traffic flowing. This does mean that occasionally some hold ups do occur - please be patient. Remember you are not in a race.

    Keep The MoonWalk Clean from Your Litter!

    Walk the Walk has a recycling policy in operation at all its challenges. Tons of plastic and cardboard are recycled each year with everybody’s help! Please be considerate – both in MoonWalk City and on the Route: we have many bins all along the route and at each of the toilet and water stops. If you have something to throw away please wait until you see a bin. We have to clear the entire route ourselves after everyone has passed

  5. Toilets

    We work to a very strict Health and Safety plan on all aspects of the event. We take the number of toilets we should have for an event on this size and then we increase the number massively - we are aware that most of the walkers are ladies and consequently take a little longer in the loo. However there is not one each - so queuing is inevitable! There are 100's on the site but as the night progresses you will end up queuing! Look around the site - often people will all queue in the same spot when actually there are less busy toilets elsewhere!

    Some thoughts:

    • on your long training walk how many times did you stop to go to the loo?
    • nerves play a massive part
    • as does drinking too much water
    • as does the cold
    • as does watching everyone else going to the loo!

    On the route itself, you will find toilets approximately every 3 miles (be assured that they are there, if you miss one it's not because we didn't put them out) - so how should you manage toilet stops:

    1. Do not gulp large quantities of water - sip little and often
    2. Agree with your walking pals when you will stop. Ask them to wait, otherwise, in the few minutes it takes you to use the loo, your pals will be a few hundred yards away and you will have to run to catch up
    3. Do not queue if you have to - if at all possible take a short walk to the next ones. 
    4. If you reach toilets with a long queue try to keep walking to the next lot. By stopping your body temperature will quickly drop and can make you feel faint.
    5. Please do not urinate or anything else in the street, just remember that Walk the Walk have to clear up after you and that means everything!
    6. The spacing on the route is planned that way - not everywhere will allow toilets to be placed

    At the end of the day try and put it into context if you have to queue - remember why you are taking part and that this is not a race!

  6. Finishing and recovery

    The Finish Line

    Hooray, you made it! As you reach the Finish Line you will see a band of eager marshals all waiting to welcome you home! Here are a couple of things to remember. There is quite a bit of information in your booklet but here are a few key things

    • Timing clocks: there are timing clocks - we use them to count down each challenge and they are there for your own use. The MoonWalk is NOT a race there are no prizes for coming first - everyone has their reason for taking part and your own personal satisfaction for crossing the line is what matters. We also recognise that some walkers do train very hard and do want to obtain a "time" - the clocks are therefore for your own use, not ours.
    • Music: many who cross the line wonder why there is no loud music playing. Simply put we are not allowed to - even though you have been up all night, Clapham Common is in a residential area and many will still be sleeping! Instead, enjoy the clapping and shouts from the huge number of volunteers handing out medals and the supporters who are waiting for you. Revel in your own achievement - enjoy the moment
    • Leaving MoonWalk City: you've crossed the line, picked up your medal and collected your bag now you would like to go home... please head for the EXIT! Sometimes tired walkers see the Finish Line as the easiest exit to head for... loved ones are there and it may seem like a long way to walk to the Exit. But please keep the Finish area for those crossing the line only and let them enjoy their "moment of glory" and help our volunteers keep everyone flowing through... just think there may be thousands of walkers behind you.

    On the question of medals

    Q What happens if I don’t manage to complete the challenge that I have entered?

    A Sadly there are some people that for many different reasons do not manage to cross the finish line. Whilst we have the utmost admiration and congratulate everybody for entering the challenge, we can not give medals to non-finishers as it would diminish the value to those people that do stay the course - after all completion is part of the challenge!

    Q What happens if I entered the Half Moon Plus and then decided on the night to complete a Full Marathon?

    A By continuing to walk the Full Marathon route, you will be breaking our health and safety requirements and marshals will request that you leave the course. No matter how many extra miles you may cover you will still only receive a Half Marathon Medal.

    Q What happens if I entered the Full Moon and then decide to only complete a Half Moon Plus?

    A You will not receive a medal as you have not completed your chosen challenge.

    Please do not request a medal as it causes embarrassment for the volunteers that are following event instructions.

    I've Finished and now I am hungry and thirsty!

    We do have some caterers after the challenge, who are all situated in front of the Exit. They are chosen by us to meet our requirement of producing good tasty food that is either organic or squeaky clean - we are a health charity after all and very keen to keep people healthy! Consequently, the food may well be a little more expensive than you might usually expect from a "burger van" but it is usually worth it and we would welcome your views.

    If you do not want to buy tea or food, the rule of thumb is, bring it with you and keep it in a flask or box inside your bag and leave it in the bag tent for you to collect when you come back. We strongly recommend that you eat and drink after you cross the Finish Line, it will have been hours since your last hot food or drink and your body will be craving it.

    I've Finished the Half Marathon - is there any shelter?

    If you are doing the Half Moon Plus and you finish before public transport starts or need to wait for a friend, what can you do? Please feel free to go back into the main tent and wait there as long as you need to. There will be a section cordoned off so please do not go beyond that mark.


    You completed the challenge - well done! For all the tips you need on how to take care of yourself after the challenge read page 20 of your Training Guide.

    We have masseuses at the start of the night but not at the end. The contraindications with massage straight after a marathon are well known. It would also mean that the masseuses who are all volunteers would have to be around for a very long time.

  7. Supporters

    5 easy steps to make sure that you and your supporters get to see each other and have a great night!

    1. ONLY PARTICIPANTS with walker numbers can enter MoonWalk City. Arrange for your supporters to head for the suggested viewing spots on the route map.
    2. Please ask family and friends not to stand on the same side of the road as the walkers as this causes congestion and is unfair to all those taking part.
    3. Supporters wanting to wait at the finish line can be admitted into the park on foot only.
    4. There is NO exit for Walkers out of the Finish Line. When you are completing your challenge, please do NOT ask friends and family to come through the Finish Line with you.  Arrange to meet them outside MoonWalk City at the Exit.
    5. Please do not ask supporters to join you on the walk, previously this resulted in many more people being on the pavement than was expected. We have been informed by the police that if this happens again the event could be stopped which would be very sad for everybody.

    My family or supporters are travelling a long way - is there anything for them to do?

    Yes! Why not get them to become one of our treasured Volunteers? With several shifts available we can put them to work whilst you walk and then you can all meet up together at the end. Lots of people become Volunteers this way.

    Where can my friends and family watch?

    See the Route Map in your Event Information Guide for the recommended viewing areas! 

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I had a brilliant time doing my 1st moonwalk, all the training miles paid off. The whole experience of the moonwalk was amazing. A special thank you to all the volunteers, each and every one of you with your smiles and encouragement. See you again next year!
Richard Toop
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