1. The challenge

  1. How much does it cost to enter
  2. What do I receive for my entry fee
  3. What distances are available?
  4. What is this years theme?
  5. Where and when does it start and finish?
  6. Do I have to wear a bra?
  7. Can men enter The MoonWalk?
  8. Age restrictions
  9. What is the route?
  10. Can I use walking poles at The MoonWalk?
  11. I have a disability - can I enter?
  12. Can I run at The MoonWalk?
  13. Can I change from the MoonWalk Live to the MoonWalk Virtual?
  14. What is Walk the Walks environmental policy?
  1. How much does it cost to enter

    Registration fee: £49.95

  2. What do I receive for my entry fee

    You really do get a lot for your money... just take a look below... where else can you get an exclusive T-shirt, cap, bra, entertainment and so much more... all whilst having the best night and uniting against breast and other cancers.

    Regular emails with training and fundraising tips and lots more!

    • Training Guide, including training plan and advice on walking technique and completing this challenge,
    • An exclusive Walk the Walk challenger's bra T-shirt (only available to those taking on the challenge),
    • A high-vis cap
    • Bra - the famous bra to decorate,
    • Space Blanket,
    • A weather protector,
    • Walker Number and Bag Tag,
    • Wristband to allow you in MoonWalk City and through to your correct start wave. Please note, this is a one-use only wristband,
    • A Sponsor Form to download!
    • Press release form you can download so you can get your local paper involved. 

    Please note: Event packs including -shirt, cap and bra to decorate have started to go out (23/03/23)

    On the night

    • All the water you can drink,
    • Facilities along the route,
    • A gorgeous medal when you cross the Finish Line,
    • Incredible entertainment, an event like no other... plus all the support and advice that the Walk the Walk Team can give you.

  3. What distances are available?

    At The MoonWalk London, there are 2 challenges:

    1. A Full Marathon    - 26.2 miles
    2. A Half Moon Plus  - 15.1 miles

    Please be aware that to create a really interesting route we made the decision to extend a Half Marathon by 2 miles, making it the Half Moon Plus - 15.1 mile... but don’t worry, you have plenty of time to prepare and if you can do 13.1 you can certainly go another 2!

  4. What is this years theme?


    It's officially time to PARTY... Get out the sparkles, lights, flowers and anything brightly coloured... Be bold, be brave, raise money, raise awareness, get fit and have fiesta FUN!

    Be extravagant, and feel vibrant, this is your night to show how loud and proud we can be when we unite together against cancer... Viva la fiesta!

  5. Where and when does it start and finish?

    The challenge starts and finishes at Clapham Common

  6. Do I have to wear a bra?

    Wearing a bra to take on a challenge has always been the Walk the Walk trademark and one of the wonderful reasons we have managed to raise so much awareness and money for our vital causes. We know just how much courage it takes, but it is also fantastic FUN! Within minutes of arriving at The MoonWalk, you will feel the spirit, energy and company of thousands of like-minded walkers at this Carnival of colours, feathers, fringing and fabulousness… and if you do still feel a little self-conscious, then read on!

    But what about my wobbly bits!

    Walk the Walk embraces all bits and we love you for having the courage to get out there make a noise, raise awareness and pound those pavements. One thing you can guarantee at any MoonWalk is that every age, height, shape and weight will be there… In fact, you are so unique you will be the only one that looks exactly like you!

    If that doesn’t convince you, there are many ways of decorating your bra if it will give you a little more confidence on the night, carefully positioned voile and fringing can go a long way!

    Why not read more about our decorating tips here


  7. Can men enter The MoonWalk?

    YES! Men can Walk the Walk, and Men Can Get Breast Cancer Too so it is important that they stand to be counted. As The MoonWalk is all about raising awareness and raising money, nothing does it quite as much as a man in a decorated bra… actually they tell us it’s like wearing pockets on your chest and most men enter into the spirit by using their bra to stash their power bars, phones and probably a jelly baby or two!

    It’s fun, it supports all the women in their life, as well as the men… But if the bra is just one step too far, our men now have their very own Men Get Breast Cancer Too T-shirt as an alternative option.

  8. Age restrictions

    Walkers must be at least 13 years of age on the day of the MoonWalk.

  9. What is the route?

    The MoonWalk route is currently being created, we always try to keep the Full Moon and Half Moon walking together as far as possible. This has been sent in your email dated 5th May.

  10. Can I use walking poles at The MoonWalk?

    NO. Due to the nature of the event and the number of people taking part, it is not possible for you to take part in The MoonWalk using walking poles as this could lead to an unintentional injury of either yourself or others. Our volunteers in MoonWalk City or out on the route will ask you to hand over your poles, which will be returned to you at the finish line.

  11. I have a disability - can I enter?

    Disabled entrants are welcome to take part, although due to the nature of the event we ask you to contact us (+44 (0)1483 741430) prior to filling in the entry form as some disabilities may not find the event feasible. Please be aware of the following:

    1. If the disabled entrant is able to take part and requires assistance from another person, (or people) the helper will be guaranteed a place.
    2. If the number of support people exceeds 1, additional guaranteed places will be at the discretion of the organisers.
    3. Please note that those people assisting a disabled entrant will be required to pay the entry fee, but will not be required to raise sponsorship if they do not wish to.
    4. In certain cases, it will be possible for Walk the Walk to allow a change in the support person or people. Any request for a change in personnel must be notified to Walk the Walk. Once the event entry list has been closed and passed to the emergency services prior to the event no changes to entrants will be permitted.
    5. Due to the nature of the event, we are unable to specify a particular start. However, all due considerations in respect of Health and Safety will be given. More information to follow.

  12. Can I run at The MoonWalk?

    No. The MoonWalk is a Power Walking challenge and running is not an option. All marshals on the route are instructed to report any participants running and to advise them that this is a Power Walking only challenge.

    Any participants running any part of the route will be asked to leave the course immediately and will not receive a medal.

  13. Can I change from the MoonWalk Live to the MoonWalk Virtual?


    You can transfer up to when your pack/medal has been ordered and choose to donate your £17 difference in entry fee to your fundraising page or receive a refund. Any transfers after this until the 30th April will be unable to receive a refund. Please email us with your request.

  14. What is Walk the Walks environmental policy?

    Walk the Walk has always held strong environmental policies across all areas of the charity. Often our demands and aims have been, ahead of availability, technology or are cost prohibitive. We support the belief that a healthy planet is a foundation for healthy people.

    It is our constant ambition to be as environmental as we can be, but we cannot fight every battle, and we are mindful that our environmental aims should support, not impact on the funds we grant for breast and other cancers. 

    These are just some of the ways that Walk the Walk supports the environment

    • Ethically sourced t-shirts
    • Where possible all unused items are donated to other organisations. 
    • We have an organic policy and all food handed out at our events is either organic or squeaky clean
    • Any forks or spoons used at events is made from corn-starch Any unused medals… which is rare, are melted down and re-moulded
    • Our printed materials use sustainably sourced recycled paper, which is also recyclable.
    • Plastic is only used where there is absolutely no alternative option. Where it is used, it is produced from recycled materials as well as being recyclable.  
    • All our balloons and weather protectors are bio degradable
    • The helium we use is recycled and comes from hospital equipment
    • Event branding and materials are carefully looked after and used many many many times.

    The list goes on; we believe it is important to not just talk the talk, but also Walk the Walk!


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Thanks for an amazing night. Your volunteers are incredible. It was my first walk and I was super impressed.
Georgina Bartlett
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