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3. Entering the challenge

  1. How to Enter
  2. Teams / Groups - all you need to know!
  3. What information do I need to enter the challenge?
  4. What do I receive for my entry fee
  5. What types of bra are available?
  6. What are the T shirt sizes
  7. What are the estimated finishing times
  8. Entering 13-17 year olds
  9. Invite friends and family to join your Team
  10. I have a food allergy what are the ingredients of the pasta or rice?
  11. Can I MoonWalk when pregnant?
  12. I took part in a previous MoonWalk but did not raise any money - can I still enter?
  13. Ok - I've entered online. Now what?
  1. How to Enter

    Step 1: Enter the Challenge:

    • The MoonWalk London 2020
    • Please use your own unique email address

    Step 2: Registration

    Choose 1 of 3 options:

    • Create a new team and Register (Please see info on Teams)
    • Join a Team & Register
    • Register (No team Affiliation)

    Step 3: Fundraising page

    • Registration is now complete... so Personalise your Fundraising Page!

  2. Teams / Groups - all you need to know!

    Please note: each person entering The MoonWalk London requires a unique email address. This applies regardless of whether you are entering as an individual or entering as part of a team.

    Entering 10 or more? Then call 01483 741430 or drop us an email

    Can I enter for someone else? 

    Yes – you may make an online entry for each member of the team, provided that you have their permission to provide the required information (including their unique email address) and accept the terms and conditions on their behalf. By completing the form you agree that all the information that you have given is correct. 

    At the start of your registration, you need to enter a team name and you will automatically become the Team Leader. 

    There are 2 ways to enter your Team Members.

    1. After entering the team name, you can then enter the email addresses of your team and they will receive an email inviting them to join. They will need to pay for their own places and complete their registration
    2. Alternatively, you can continue and choose how many Team members you would like to enter and pay for. Also, at the end of each online entry form, there will be an option to add another person. An activation email will then be sent to each person in the team, which they will need to action.

    You can NOT use the same email address for more than one team member and please ensure you choose the same estimated finishing time if you all wish to start together.

    Did a friend enter you?

    Great news! You just need to action the email that was sent to you.

    How many people can be in a team?

    As many as you like... from two and up! If you're applying online, there is no limit to the number of people you can apply for in one transaction - but don't forget any limits on your debit/credit card.

    How do we start together? 

    Please ensure that you all enter the same estimated Finishing Time and exactly the same Team Name – by doing so you should* all get the same start time and therefore be able to walk together.

    How do we start together if some of the team are doing the half and others the full marathon?

    The best way to ensure that you start together is to pick the slowest starting time for each of the challenges whilst filling in the form. So that's 8-10 hours for the Full and 5:30-6:30 hours for Half. Also, make sure you all insert the same Team name. 

    How does Walk the Walk treat Team names?

    The only time that we make use of your Team name is when we are allocating starting groups. We do not use them for any other reason. E.g. if you send in your entry form after the rest of your team, we will not automatically associate your entry with their entry. You have to tell us the actual members of your team. If you do then we will do our best to ensure you start together. If you don't then... we won't!

    *We will do our best to ensure you start in the same group. But we can't promise it!

    How do I/we join an existing Team?

    Choose  ‘join a team & register’ if you are joining a team that is already registered. Once clicked, you can search for the team name or team captain name. Make sure that you put the same Estimated Time that your teammates have already used.

  3. What information do I need to enter the challenge?

    There are a number of questions you will need to answer so please be prepared with the following information:

    • your personal details (including date of birth and a working email address)
    • please note: each person entering The MoonWalk London requires a unique email address. This applies regardless of you are entering as an individual or entering as part of a team
    • your choice of challenge
    • Team Name, if walking as part of a Team
    • an emergency contact name and phone number
    • your estimated finishing time
    • your bra size (cup and back)
    • your T-shirt size (we have tight and loose fit)
    • your choice of meal (organic vegetarian pasta or savoury rice)
    • your method of payment.

  4. What do I receive for my entry fee

    Walker Pack

    This contains all the information you need to get going:

    • your welcome letter,
    • your Training Plan, Training Guide and advice on walking technique,
    • press release form to download so you can get your local paper involved,
    • a Sponsor Form! - Wondering how to send cash or cheques to us? Find all you need to know here.

    Event Pack

    Sent several weeks before the challenge, this contains all the essential items you need:

    • an exclusive Walk the Walk challenger's bra T-shirt,
    • a high cap - pink for Full Moon, white for Half Moon Plus,
    • Bra - the famous bra to decorate,
    • Event Information Guide - all the information you need for the night,
    • Walker Number and Bag Tag,
    • Wristband - to allow you in MoonWalk City and through to your correct start wave. Please note, this is a one-use only wristband,
    • Weather Protector,
    • Space Blanket.

    On the night

    • a hot pasta or rice meal,
    • all the water you can drink,
    • facilities along the route,
    • a gorgeous medal when you cross the Finish Line,
    • incredible entertainment, an event like no other... plus all the support and advice that the Walk the Walk Team can give you.

  5. What types of bra are available?

    Underwired Bras:

    The majority of our bras are underwired, and from the Wonderbra range (Wonderbra are the Official bra supplier to Walk the Walk.) For some of the larger sizes, this cannot be guaranteed and we will send an alternative bra to you. If you require a bra size that is not available, we suggest that you either decorate one of your own bras for maximum comfort or pick a bra size that is available and may be suitable for you. In all cases we will endeavour to send the bra size that you have requested.

    30 D-G    32-36 A-G    38 B-G    40 D-E    42 D-DD

    Prosthesis/post-Surgery Bras:

    We are able to get hold of many back sizes with cup size up to E (with pockets on both sides) and you will be able to specify your requirement on the form.  

  6. What are the T shirt sizes

    Prior to the challenge you will be sent your Final Pack which will include your unique bra T-shirt! On the entry form, the following sizes are available

    Tight Fit

    Small 8-10             
    Medium 12-14         
    Large 16-18         
    XL 20-22         
    XXL 24-26      

    Loose Fit

    Small 8-10
    Medium 12-14
    Large 16-18
    XL 20-22
    XXL 24-26
    XXXL 28-30

    Please note that the loose fit T-shirts are quite generous!

  7. What are the estimated finishing times

    Please be realistic about the time you choose as this will help the event run smoothly. Changes can be made until 6th January 2019.

    Full Moon Marathon (26.2 miles) 

    • 5 - 6 hours - 12 - 13 minute miles
    • 6 - 7 hours - 14 - 15 minute miles
    • 7 - 8 hours - 17 - 18 minute miles
    • 8 - 10 hours - 20 minute miles

    Half Moon Plus (15.1 miles)   

    • 3 - 4 hours - 12 - 15 minute miles
    • 4 - 5 hours - 16 - 18 minute miles
    • 5 - 6 hours - 20 - 23 minute miles
    • 6 hours - 24 minute miles

    Please note:

    If some of your team are taking on the Full Moon and some the Half Moon Plus, it won't always be possible for you to start together. However if you select the equivalent times, shown in the table below, we will do our best to keep you together. 

    E.g. 6-7 hours for Full equates to 4-5 hours for Half, similarly 6 hours on Half equates to 8-10 hours on Full.

  8. Entering 13-17 year olds

    Some points to be aware of 

    • All Walkers must be at least 13 years old on the night of the challenge. 
    • An adult guardian must accompany any entrant aged between 13 and 17 years old for the duration of the challenge.
    • The guardian of the adolescent must enter into the challenge prior to the adolescent entering and for the same distance and estimated time. Please give yourselves a Team Name.
    • If you are entering the challenge online and are also entering an adolescent you can do them together and make one payment.  If you're applying for an adolescent at a later time, please ensure that you print or make a note of your order number on the entry processing page once you have completed the entry form – you will not be able to enter the adolescent without this number. 
    • For schools or groups there must be a minimum ratio of 1 adult to 5 young people.
    • You can use your own credit card if you are entering a 13-17 year old. i.e. it does not have to be in their name.

  9. Invite friends and family to join your Team

    Already have a Team but want more to join in the fun?... Send your friends and family an invite by following these easy steps...

    • From your individual online fundraising page, click team name (righthand side)
    • Click the yellow button to invite teammates
    • Enter email address

    It's as easy as that... they will then receive a special invite from you to join your team.

  10. I have a food allergy what are the ingredients of the pasta or rice?

    The contents of this year's meal have not yet been set but we do ensure that they are organic, clean and healthy. These are the ingredients from last year:

    PASTA: Tomatoes, onions, green beans, mushroom, tomato puree, water, vege mince, sunflower oil, lemon juice, vegetable bouillon, corn starch, sea salt, sugar, garlic puree, basil, oregano, black pepper.

    RICE: Brown rice, cauliflower, leeks, mushroom, carrots, sesame oil, soy sauce, sunflower oil, lemon juice, garlic puree, ginger puree, veg bouillon, sea salt, dried parsley, black pepper.

    FLAPJACK: Organic rolled jumbo oats, butter, unrefined brown sugar, golden syrup or molasses.

    Please check the boards by the servery on the night to see the full ingredients. If you have any allergies or intolerances,  or would like something else, please bring your own snacks.

  11. Can I MoonWalk when pregnant?

    As long as you have checked with your midwife/doctor that they are happy that you join us, then yes you can. Listen to your body and seek medical advice if needed.

  12. I took part in a previous MoonWalk but did not raise any money - can I still enter?

    Well... it's never too late to send it in!

    It is hard to believe but over the past few years, there have been a number of walkers who do not send us their fundraising when they have completed their MoonWalk. As a result they are taking much wanted places but are not supporting the charity by raising any money.

    The aim of Walk the Walk is to unite against breast cancer and is dependent on everybody doing their bit no matter how small. Consequently we have taken the decision to give priority to walkers that have sent in their fundraising for past events and those that are joining Walk the Walk for the first time. 

    If our records show that you have not sent in any fundraising we will be in touch soon after you have received your confirmation email.

  13. Ok - I've entered online. Now what?

    Once you have entered you will receive an email confirming your place. This may take up to 24 hours but it can arrive much sooner than that

    Steps to ensure that you receive your confirmation email

    1)        Set your spam settings to allow emails from both active.com and walkthewalk.org.

    2)        Double check your spam / junk folder.


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What an amazing experience! My first Moonwalk but definitely not my last! Such a wonderful atmosphere, thank you xx
Joanne Watkins

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