4. After I have entered

  1. I have entered - now what?
  2. I made a mistake can I change my entry?
  3. Cancellations, refunds and deferring your place
  4. Invite friends and family to join your Team
  1. I have entered - now what?

    For Online Entries: you will be sent a confirmation email within 24 hours after you have entered.

    For download Entry Forms: you will receive an email within 48 hours to confirm your place. 

    You will receive your Walker Pack in the New Year. After this, you will receive your Event Pack several weeks before the event.

    I haven't received my confirmation email!

    Please email us here.

  2. I made a mistake can I change my entry?

    Making changes

    From your date of entry until the 5th January 2020 you will be able to change the following: 

    • Bra size
    • T-shirt size
    • Estimated finish time

    To make these changes, just click on the ‘Manage My Registration’ link in your "The MoonWalk London 2020 - Making Changes To Your Entry" or “You have a Place” email you would have received on entering the MoonWalk London.

    If you need any help, please email us.

    For the small print you can visit our Terms and Conditions here.

    What happens if I don’t manage to complete the challenge that I have entered?

    Sadly there are some people that for many different reasons do not manage to cross the finish line. Whilst we have the utmost admiration and congratulate everybody for entering the challenge, we can not give medals to non-finishers as it would diminish the value to those people that do stay the course - after all completion is part of the challenge!

    What happens if I entered the Half Moon Plus and then decided on the night to complete a Full Marathon?

    By continuing to walk the Full Marathon route, you will be breaking our health and safety requirements and marshals will request that you leave the course. No matter how many extra miles you may cover you will still only receive a Half Marathon Medal.

    What happens if I entered the Full Moon and then decide to only complete a Half Moon Plus?

    You will not receive a medal as you have not completed your chosen challenge. Please do not request a medal as it causes embarrassment for the volunteers that are following event instructions.

  3. Cancellations, refunds and deferring your place


    Please fill in this form.


    Refunds of cancelled entries are only available up to 14 days after we have received your entry.

    Defer your entry

    Unfortunately that is not possible.

    You can not defer your place to the following year. The reason is that your entry fee is put towards the costs of staging the event and for providing you with everything you will need to take part including your bra, T-shirt, cap, medal, meal etc. All of these are ordered and paid for a long way in advance of the actual event. In addition most of the items included in your walker pack and final pack are dated for the year you are taking part and can not be used for the following year.

    You can not give your place to someone else. There are many reasons, for this for example: if you do pass your place to someone else and in the worst case scenario there is some sort of emergency situation we will not have their details on our system. Please kindly respect our reasons and our rules and ensure that this does not take place.

    These terms are laid out clearly in the terms and conditions associated with the event when you enter.... for the small print, visit our Terms and Conditions here.

  4. Invite friends and family to join your Team

    Already have a Team but want more to join in the fun?... Send your friends and family an invite by following these easy steps...

    • From your individual online fundraising page, click team name (righthand side)
    • Click the yellow button to invite teammates
    • Enter email address

    It's as easy as that... they will then receive a special invite from you to join your team.

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Another brilliant night - my second moonwalk - well done to everyone and a big thank you to the volunteers - they truly are an amazing
Melanie Goldsmith
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