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4. Terms and Conditions

  1. MoonWalk Iceland 2020 Event Terms and Conditions
  2. Cancellations
  1. MoonWalk Iceland 2020 Event Terms and Conditions

    Details below are for 2019 and will be updated for 2020.

    Please download The MoonWalk Iceland 2019 Terms & Conditions here.  

    Please note: all Walkers must be at least 18 years old to take part.  

  2. Cancellations

    All cancellations must be sent in writing. This can be done by sending us an email

    All online entries have a statutory 14 day cooling off period. During this time they can cancel and will receive a full refund to the card that they used to make the initial payment. After this time, cancellation can be made, please refer to the Challenge Terms & Conditions you agreed to when registering for the Challenge. A copy of the Terms & Conditions can be downloaded on this page.

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