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The MoonWalk Iceland

The MoonWalk Iceland 2020

2020 TBC |
Location: Lake Myvatan & Reykjavik

Distance: Full Moon Marathon (26.2 miles)

Grading: 4 ?

Registration opening: Register your Interest!

Registration fee: TBC

Minimum sponsorship: £600

The stunning MoonWalk Iceland Charity Marathon 2020!

Join in the fun of The MoonWalk Iceland night charity walk and experience Iceland like never before! Imagine spectacular scenery, crater like landscapes, phenomenal steaming hot lava geysers and fascinating boiling mud pools. 

Amongst the breathtaking scenery, you will take part in a Summer Solstice charity marathon, in the Northern Hemisphere.

You will Power Walk in the land of the midnight sun, a beautiful wilderness where the sun doesn't set... all whilst raising money and breast cancer awareness.


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Amazing awesome and very humbling. Loved meeting every one and how we all had a life story to share.- Joy P

An adventure in the land of the midnight sun

Touchdown and off we go to explore this stunning land. Heading straight to the Reykjanes Peninsula and a visit to the Bridge Between Two Continents, where you will cross between the two continents of the North American and the Eurasian plates.

This is a wonderful part of Iceland because of its combination of natural phenomenon, geothermal activity and you will learn all about its history and mythical stories all in your first afternoon.

Onwards to the North East of Iceland, this adventure will take you on a magical journey to the stunning area of Lake Myvatn.

What an amazing whale watching tour!

A day to explore the Capital...

Having explored the North East, you can now enjoy a night and day to explore the capital city; Reykjavik! Discover what the South of Iceland has in store!

Reykjavik is the world’s most northern capital and is a cocktail of charming colourful buildings, quirky museums and Viking history, set on Iceland's captivating coastline. Reykjavik is a superb base for visiting South Iceland’s natural wonders; glacier-topped volcanoes, shimmering falls, tours of the famous Golden Circle region and so much more. 

Plus, what better way to end your time in Iceland, than with a leisurely visit to the famous Blue Lagoon on your last day and it's crystal blue waters... before you head home to the UK. 

'It was an experience I will never forget'- Sally

Is this the marathon for me?

The MoonWalk Iceland celebrates its 10th year; taking place at night... but will be light as it’s during the summer solstice. Walking in this spectacular wilderness is all about self-motivation and determination, as your biggest supporter is the wildlife. 

This Marathon is ideal for anybody that has taken on London or Scotland and now wants the next MoonWalk, or you just fancy a very special challenge. You should aim for a sustained walking pace of 14-16 minute miles, as there is a max finishing time of 10 hours. 

As always, it is open to girls and guys! 

Fundraising is fun!

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