4. Training

  1. How to train
  1. How to train

    1. You should be able to walk 3 miles at a constant pace of 18 – 20 minute miles, by following the first few weeks of the Training Plan below, you will have a great fitness base for the start of your official training for the Inca Trail Challenge ahead. You will be sent a bespoke Inca Trail Training Plan in your first Walker Pack. 
    2. Each of the training weeks below can be completed as many times as you wish before moving onto the next week. Plot a few different walks so that you have a variety of routes to pick from that suit how you feel and keep you motivated.
    3. If you feel you are not ready to begin the 4 week plan, you can start by walking just 1 mile, or however far you are able, time yourself, and then aim to increase the pace just a little each time you walk. When you feel ready, slowly increase the distance and complete the process again until you are able to pick up on the Training Plan.
    4. Please remember the talk test... you should always feel your heart rate increase, but still be able to have a conversation with your walking pal. If you feel unnaturally uncomfortable please stop and consult your doctor.
    5. Your ultimate goal will be to reach a walking pace of 14 minute miles or less, of course, you are not going to be walking a marathon in one go in Peru, but the technique of Power Walking is very similar to trekking on trails and across stones and steps. You will be out Walking for 6-8 hours a day to cover the distance required within the 4 days and trekking at altitude can be challenging and much slower than you would normally expect. 
    6. If you have any discomfort or concerns in these early weeks of training please consult your doctor for advice.

    Arctic Marathon Training Schedule

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