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The Inca Trail Peru 2018

21 June - 1 July (extension to the Amazon or Lake Titicaca - 4 July) 2018 |
Location: Peru

Distance: Trek (45 Km)

Grading: 4 ?

Registration opening: Sold out!

Registration fee: £400

Minimum sponsorship: £600

Discover the lost City of the Incas..

Join Walk the Walk on one of the world’s most famous Walks. Trek the Inca Trail and travel through 45km of the most stunning panoramic vista landscapes that you will ever experience! The trail will lead you to the Gate of the Sun and on to Machu Picchu; the lost City of the Incas, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. This is the challenge of a lifetime, full of South American culture and one not to be missed.

This is an incredibly popular and iconic challenge, places will go fast... unite with us against breast cancer now and get ready for adventure!


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This journey has been life changing. Peru stole our hearts, our group enlightened our souls.- Gill

Embrace the Peruvian culture

Your journey of South American adventure will begin when you land in the bustling metropolis of Lima, the capital of Peru, where you’ll have a day to absorb all that this vibrant city has to offer. From here you will fly to the intriguing city of Cusco; which was the centre of the Incan Empire. Explore the Sacred Valley, with archaeological delights, the Amaru Village with all of it’s colourful history and culture.

With 2 nights in Cusco, you will be here at a very special time during the spectacular Inti Raymi, the largest festival in South America, held during the winter solstice in the Southern hemisphere. A wonderful celebration of the sun with colourful parades and vibrant traditional dress. Then onwards to the Inca Trail…

Follow in the footsteps of the Incas

This 4 day Inca Trail trek will reward you with a stunning combination of archaeological ruins, mountainscapes, cloud forests and jungle fauna high above the clouds. This trek is shrouded in ancient mystery as you trek 45km along this famous path surrounded by lush vegetation and awe inspiring views.

Sleeping in stunning wildernesses under canvas with skies so clear, the stars shine bright. Trekking all the way to the lost city through the Gate of the Sun and the wonder that is Machu Picchu, not to mention your stay in the quirky village Aguas Calientes.

Embrace the challenge of a lifetime and discover captivating Peruvian culture on this bucket list 11 day adventure!

Is this the Challenge for me?

The Inca Trail Peru, whilst not a Power Walk, is a trekking challenge and will require endurance at altitude. The trail is of challenging terrain, with a number of very early mornings and long days in order to cover the distance required. This is a demanding event and is a Footprint Level 4 which will need a certain level of training, plus you’ll be camping for the 3 nights on the Inca Trail, which comes with its own fun experiences. On this challenge you need to embrace every aspect: the trekking, the culture, the history, the long days, the campsite escapades, the panoramic views and the team bonding. 

The Inca Trail was incredible! Challenging but stunning & an amazing group of people to walk with... very special memories.- Sara

New for 2018! Two Extensions - explore more!

You have the option to extend your challenge with either of two fascinating, yet very different Extensions, tag on 4 extra days in Peru and discover more.

Journey to the jungle and go in search of an abundant array of wildlife. Staying in the Tambopata Nature Reserve with river journeys, boardwalks and night walks all tucked away under the jungle canopy, this is a real rainforest Amazon Adventure! 

Or escape to Lake Titicaca, known as the birthplace of the sun where you can set sail and visit floating communities, islands and even enjoy a mud-brick homestay. Visit this stunning region and the world’s largest high-altitude body of water... culture and history galore!


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